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Curing Intermittent And Chronic Fuel Pump Failures

The fuel pump may be one of the most misdiagnosed components on a vehicle.

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Base Engine Tech Boom

The OE base engines in the past were usually low-tech engines that didn’t pack the same technology as the optional engines. But, the base 2.7L four-cylinder engine on the 2020 Chevrolet Silverado packs a lot of technology.

Dayco Tech Tip: Long-Lasting Vehicle Belts

Belts continue to be one of the most frequently replaced wear items on vehicles today. The typical replacement interval for serpentine belts and flat belts today is around 90,000 miles – which for many vehicles means only once every seven to nine years!

Tech Tip: Stud Shearing Problems

During installation, carefully inspect the position of the mount’s recessed slots at the bottom of the mounting plate.

Throttle-By-Wire: More Than Just A Throttle Butterfly

Swapping one throttle-by-wire unit for a new unit in hopes of resolving a code or limp-mode problem is not an option due to the high price and strict manufacturer return policies.

Honda LIN Line Controlled Charging Systems

On older vehicles, the alternator and engine were never really connected. The alternator was internally or externally self-regulated to a voltage, but that was it.

Maintenance Matters: What Winter Can Do To Battery Life

Most shops in colder climates start to see an influx of customers with battery service needs as the holidays approach. Perhaps more than any other maintenance category, being proactive about taking care of your customers with dying or dead batteries is essential this time of year.

Maintenance Matters: Visibility Is The Top Safety Concern

It doesn’t matter how much emphasis you put on the condition of a vehicle’s components – if the driver can’t see what’s in front of him or her, safety will absolutely be compromised.

Maintenance Matters: A Tire In Winter

In much of the country, all-season tires are the go-to choice for drivers. They offer reliable, consistent performance in a variety of road conditions. However, increasingly, “all-weather” tires are becoming the popular choice.

Winter Service: Can You Forecast A Flurry Of Sales?

Winter means different things in different parts of the country. In the extreme Northeast, Midwest and Great Plains, drifting snow can play a much bigger part in safety and service concerns than, say, Texas, California and Florida – but those areas bring their own challenges.

Navigating Wiring Diagrams To Test Circuits

Wiring diagrams and the correct probes are ways technicians can avoid scarring a vehicle for life.