Anchor Industries Tech Tip: GM Stud Shearing Problems
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Tech Tip: Stud Shearing Problems

Anchor transmission mount #2897 also fits 2000-2005 Buick, Pontiac and Oldsmobile vehicles with the 3.8L engine. The 2897 mount has grooves on the bottom metal mounting plate and needs to be aligned with the notches on the vehicle’s frame. If not properly aligned, the torque from the engine can twist the mount out of position and shear off the stud, resulting in a loud clunking noise and increased drivetrain vibration. 

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During installation, carefully inspect the position of the mount’s recessed slots at the bottom of the mounting plate to make sure of proper alignment with the notches on the vehicle’s frame. This will help eliminate sheering of the mount stud. 

Note: It is also important to not over torque the transmission mount bolt. The proper torque specification for this application is 52 ft/lbs.

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