Auto Diagnostics and Codes
Start Solving Transmission Electronic Control Problems

Troubleshooting an automatic transmission can be one of the most intimidating diagnostic procedures at a shop. The first reaction is typically, “We don’t do that type of work.” But there is profit in performing drivetrain diagnostics and “in-the-car” repairs.

Snap-on Introduces VANTAGE Ultra

With all the scope functionality that technicians need to accurately identify the exact failing part on any vehicle, VANTAGE Ultra provides the ability, expert knowledge, tests and tips that are needed to help eliminate guesswork, reduce comebacks and increase confidence in every recommended repair.

New Innova QUICKLINK A Virtual Dashboard Of Vehicle Information

The latest product innovation from Innova Electronics Corporation, the award-winning QUICKLINK device, pairs with a smart device for immediate access to a virtual dashboard of information that can help keep vehicle owners safe, save time and money, and provide peace of mind.

Keep Mitsubishi TPMS Work In Your Bays With Bartec’s Assisted Relearn Process

The Bartec Mitsubishi Assisted Relearn process provides full diagnostic capability in addition to completing the proper relearn. The relearn process includes testing the sensors installed, detecting and recording DTCs and verifying that the proper sensors were relearned.

Delphi Announces Five New Accessories for its Diagnostic Scan Tools

Operating on a PC-based platform, technicians connect Delphi’s Diagnostic Scan Tool and Flash Programmer to the OBD II connector under the instrument panel to determine trouble codes, and are then guided to the suspect area.

The Year In Ride Control TSBs: Tried And True Fixes Can Expedite The Diagnostic Process

2013 was a good year for ride control TSBs. Some TSBs were intended for very few vehicles on the road, but the solutions can be used to resolve the same problems on a wide variety of vehicles. Several of the TSBs over the next two pages can help to solve chronic problems that have plagued some

New Programmable Sensor Add-On Package For Snap-on TPMS3

The Snap-on TPMS3 Tire Sensor System Tool just got a whole lot better with the introduction of the new Snap-on Programmable Sensor Add-on Package (TPMS3PRG). With this new capability, service technicians can program replacement or duplicate aftermarket tire pressure monitoring sensors, saving time and reducing sensor inventory.

Coming Soon: The New ATEQ VT56 TPMS Tool

Technicians looking for a multi-function TPMS tool that helps them balance the important aspects of their work will soon have a new option. Beginning in the spring of 2014, ATEQ will launch the ATEQ VT56 with an optional wireless printer and docking station.

OTC Debuts First Android-based Diagnostics Tool in North American Market

The OTC Encore, an Android-based scan tool, combines a powerful repair suite with the open-source Google Play store. The Swift-On feature boots up in less than 30 seconds, drastically reducing wait time and increasing efficiency.

Fluid Rx Diagnostics Shows True Fluid Condition

For years, automotive repair and oil change facilities had limited methods when it came to convincing car owners it was time to service engine and drivetrain fluids and oils. Those options were the old standard time/mileage formula, “bad” color and odor, or referring to the vehicle’s owner manual. Fluid Rx Diagnostics has changed this paradigm with an easy-to-use chromatographic technology analysis that recommends fluid services based on the actual condition of the fluids.

Relearn Procedures Require TPMS Tool

Most vehicles require some type of “stationary” relearn procedure to reset the TPMS system. This requires a TPMS tool to activate each of the tire pressure sensors in a specified sequence so the TPMS control module can relearn their new locations.

Snap-on Offers TechAngle Torque Wrenches

The advanced technology and intuitive design of the new Snap-on TechAngle Torque Wrenches make it possible to tighten fasteners to exacting torque and angle standards faster and more accurately, even under the most demanding conditions.