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In a pandemic-influenced world, driving habits may have changed, but not vehicle needs

One of the consequences of the global pandemic that arrived in the United States last March is that vehicular traffic declined sharply for several months. People either thought twice about traveling or began to work from home as their employers locked the doors to their existing brick-and-mortar locations. While a vehicle that is not being

Decreased vehicle use, onset of winter amplify importance of quality filtration

For many people who have been working from home instead of making the daily commute to the office, there is growing concern regarding the unintended impact the inactivity may have on their vehicles. Also, the arrival of winter adds to the challenges facing millions of vehicle owners. If a vehicle sits for longer than a

Questions You Should Start Asking Customers in the New Normal

It’s no secret that consumer driving habits have changed during our current circumstances, leaving the automotive service industry in a new, unfamiliar place. How we buy cars, put them to use and upkeep them all look very different from just six months ago, and the vehicle maintenance norms will continue to change as winter approaches.

Finding the Right Oil Filter Based on the Driver

There is an array of different vehicles with different purposes on the road, and that is why FRAM® offers a variety of oil filters that accommodate various vehicles and their drivers. The most common types of drivers have a variety of needs, and we identified requirements for three of these groups: the everyday commuter, the

Changing Your Oil Successfully with Cartridge Oil Filters

Changing your vehicle’s oil may be one of the easiest tasks to do on your own, but how you change it varies based on the type of vehicle you drive and where the oil filter is located. More often than not in newer cars, the location of oil filters is at the top of the

Recommending Cabin Air Filters is a Helpful Habit

Large companies and regional businesses alike have a new appreciation for health, safety and family.