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Recommending Cabin Air Filters is a Helpful Habit

Large companies and regional businesses alike have a new appreciation for health, safety and family.

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Whatever the new normal looks like, there are lessons for people in every industry from this time we are going through together.

Some people are going to start religiously disinfecting surfaces in their kitchens, bedrooms and of course, their vehicles. The CDC has released a list of guidelines for proper vehicle cleaning, including the use of EPA registered antimicrobial products, proper bleach and alcohol solutions and following manufacturer instructions when it comes to frequently touched electronics, like touchscreens. While killing bacteria and viruses may not be your specialty, there are other ways you can contribute to customer health and comfort.

Our health, especially our respiratory comfort, is a major concern lately, and as an automotive pro, you have an opportunity to help ease people’s minds. While you may not be able to stop an infectious disease, your recommendation of a new cabin air filter can at least help drivers breathe easier while boosting your bottom line.

Drivers take clean and clear cabin air for granted until they are coughing from dust or noticing a musty smell coming through the vents. A new cabin air filter can stop contaminants as small as 5-100 microns from entering a vehicle’s air conditioning system, substantially improving air quality. Keeping contaminants at bay prevents prolonged exposure to allergens, road dust, exhaust fumes and pollution that irritate drivers and could cause long-term health effects. This is reason enough for most customers to consider changing out their filter.

A new cabin air filter is an upsell, and customers are likely to see it that way. This doesn’t mean that it is an upsell without value, however. The only commitment they have to make is a few extra minutes in the waiting room and a few extra bucks, and they will be doing their respiratory tract a huge favor – simple as that. A cabin air filter that installs quickly is an even bigger benefit for the shop; it adds a new revenue stream without taking up space on the shop floor or in a mechanic’s schedule.

A FRAM® Fresh Breeze® cabin air filter is one of the best ways for drivers to breathe easier, protecting against 98% of road dust, pollen and other harmful contaminants. Drivers can also say goodbye to musty odors thanks to Arm & Hammer® baking soda technology. Give your customers the option of improved vehicle air quality with a 10-minute-or-less installation that makes filter changes a breeze. Offer a higher level of driving comfort; give your customers FRAM® Fresh Breeze®.

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