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Belt-In-Oil Timing Systems

Oil contamination of the belt drive has been a death sentence, due to the rubber and fiber construction of the belt.

Choosing The Right Timing Belt (Video)

When replacing a timing belt, try to get as close to the OEM part as possible. Sponsored by Continental.

Toyota V6 Timing Belt Procedures 1MZ-FE and 3MZ-FE (VIDEO)

Service procedures are not suggestions. This video is sponsored by Continental.

Timing Belt Kit Unboxing (Video)

Make sure to replace timing belts at recommended service intervals. This video is sponsored by Continental.

Honda Timing Belt Tips

There are some things to keep in mind as you tackle these jobs.

Cloyes Increases VIO Coverage By 51 Million

The new timing-chain, timing-belt kits and components add 51 million VIO coverage and 507 million PIO coverage.

Tech Tip: Replace A Failed Water Pump And Timing Belt At Once

Here are three main reasons why you should have a conversation with your customer to replace multiple parts simultaneously.

VIDEO: Take Your Time With Timing Belt Jobs

Andrew Markel discusses the importance of reading the instructions that come with timing belt kits so ensure the job is performed properly. Sponsored by Continental.

Belt-In-Oil Timing Drives

Performance enthusiasts may have some experience with “wet belt” timing systems as an upgrade for the small-block Chevy, but these “new” belt-in-oil systems are OEM designs, used for oil pump drives as well as for camshaft timing drives.

Top 10 Timing Belt Tips

Inspection is the most critical first step that must be performed before the first bolt is removed from the timing belt cover. The inspection needs to include looking for the usual leaks and inspecting items like the oil, motor mounts and accessory drive belt components. You should also scan the vehicle for both active and historical codes.

VIDEO: Belt Plane Alignment

In this Maintenance Minute, Andrew Markel discusses how even 2mm can mean everything when it comes to belts. Sponsored by Dayco.

VIDEO: Making Belt Replacement Easier

Andrew Markel discusses serpentine belt replacement, and a few tips to make the next belt replacement job easier. Sponsored by Dayco.