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TOPDON To Develop New 2-in-1 Battery Testing And Charging Tool

The company is anticipating completing development and shipping product by October of 2022.

VIDEO: Battery Cable And Terminal Service

Many complaints are due to the most passive components. This video is sponsored by Auto Value and Bumper To Bumper.

VIDEO: Testing The Battery Every Season Is Important

The battery can be damaged just as easily by heat as by cold. This video is sponsored by Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper.

VIDEO: Battery Testing For Shop Owners

Finding the right battery takes extra knowledge and a little more time. This video is sponsored by The Network Academy.

Diagnostic Solutions: Starter And Battery Diagnostics

On June 15, 1911, Charles F. Kettering was awarded a patent for an electric self-starter for automobile engines.

Tech Tip: Alternator And Battery Testing Diagnostic Tips

For some vehicles, it’s normal to see as high as 16 volts for long periods at a time. For others, it’s ­normal to see as low as 13 volts. For some, a constant 13.6 volts is an indication of a problem.

CanDo Diagnostics Introduces Battery Tester, Reset Tool

New to the Batt R/T, it now adds battery matching and reset capabilities along with OBDII read and clear codes.

Associated Equipment Releases Graphical Battery, Electrical Systems Tester

The model 12-2415 analyzer performs 12V battery and electrical systems testing including the ripple diode test and earth ground, as well as 24V starter and alternator systems.

Cornwell Tools Offers Digital Battery And Electrical System Analyzer

The Battery Condition test covers 6- and 12-volt batteries, while the Starting/Charging test covers 12- and 24-volt systems.

Cornwell Tools Digital Battery & Electrical System Analyzer With Printer

The ESC726 performs a complete starting and charging system analysis along with a diagnosis of battery condition. The user is guided through the test sequence via step-by-step prompts on the LCD display.