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Iridium Aftermarket Spark Plugs Offer OE-Level Performance

Aftermarket parts manufacturers live to push the boundaries of performance.

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This is true of companies specializing in any type of auto part. In the case of spark plug manufacturers, they have been optimizing their products by working with more durable and ignitable metals.

One of the most impactful developments in the spark plug design is the advent of iridium-based electrodes. Iridium alloy finewire allows for long-term performance, with increased benefits for mileage and acceleration as the increased concentration of iridium allows very fine center electrodes to be used.  The small center electrodes enhance combustion performance. True iridium finewire plugs are today’s strongest offering in the aftermarket, and their capabilities show why.

True iridium spark plugs, which offer a finewire iridium center electrode tip design with laser-welded technology, can provide durability for over 100,000 miles. True iridium alloys are laser welded to ensure quality adhesion. This helps true iridium plugs live up to the same stringent, performance-focused standards as OE plugs.

In terms of durability, iridium finewire provides superior protection against electrode wear factors such as extreme temperatures, oxidation, and corrosion. Additionally, this technology promotes better fuel efficiency when compared to standard copper spark plugs due to a stronger, larger, flame kernel.

Aftermarket spark plug manufacturer, Autolite, now offers a premium, true iridium plug in an exclusive partnership with Advance Auto Parts retail stores. Autolite Iridium Ultra offers a variety of OE-level features, and similar to Autolite Iridium XP Spark Plugs, this product is protected against electrode erosion and a variety of defects by a limited lifetime warranty.

Iridium Ultra plugs can be purchased through the Advance Auto Parts website and in-store at the retail chain.

This article was sponsored by Autolite.

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