Factory Air Freshener

Factory Air Freshener

The system uses air quality sensors outside and inside the vehicle.

In 2018 Audi introduced for the A8 a package that not only improves air quality, but also releases a fragrance. The air quality package uses two ionizers to sanitize the air molecules electrically with negative ions. These anions also attract dust particles so that they form mini clusters that fall to the floor, preventing their inhalation. A cabin air filter captures the majority of the gases and particulates.

The main trick of the system is that it releases a small amount of fragrance. The instrument panel conceals two vials of highly concentrated oil evoking sea breeze or mountain air. Drivers can adjust the fragrance intensity in four levels in the infotainment menu screen. 

The system uses air quality sensors outside and inside the vehicle. Filter efficiency is displayed on the on-board monitor – an important service, especially for customers in urban areas.

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