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The Evolution Of MLS Gaskets

In 1970, Japanese gasket maker Ishikawa received the first patent for the multi-layer steel (MLS) head gasket. The first production vehicle to use an MLS gasket was a tiny Isuzu car in Japan.

WIX Filters Tech Tip: Collapsed Oil Filter Diagnostics

A spin-on filter has been removed from service and it has has collapsed in on itself. Why? What has caused this condition? The first thought might be that the filter has some type of defect that has caused this problem. This is usually not the case.

Trakmotive Tech Tip: Window Regulator Installation

Here are eight tips to make your next window regulator replacement easier.

NGK Tech Tip: Leading Cause Of Ignition Coil Failure

Ignition coil damage is often caused by underlying issues never addressed in engine misfire repairs. Issues include spark plug gapping, leaking valve covers, or moisture intrusion.

Mitchell1 Tech Tip: Stuck Buick Turbo

Sometimes you go through all the documented testing steps for a problem and still can’t find the solution. When this happens, turning to your fellow techs is a great solution.

Autolite Tech Tip: The Anti-Seize Debate

There is a debate about whether or not to use anti-seize when installing spark plugs.

When Good Turbos Go Bad

They are most vulnerable to lubrication-related issues (e.g., poor quality oil, not changing the oil often enough, dirty oil, low oil level or low oil pressure), but turbos can suffer other complications as well.

Attention To Tension: Why Start-Stop Engines Still Require Belt Diagnosis

As many start-stop vehicles are aging out of warranty, you are likely to be encountering them in your service bays.

Reflashing And Reprogramming For Newbies

The choice to reflash is the hardest because there is no one solution or single path to follow.

Alternator Pulley Diagnostics

When faced with an illuminated charge light diagnosis on most late-model vehicles, do not automatically assume the problem is inside the alternator and potentially unserviceable.

Emissions 101: A Basic Understanding Of How Catalytic Converters Operate

To begin, an internal combustion engine creates heat energy by igniting a mixture of gasoline and atmospheric oxygen with a high-voltage spark.