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Selling Multi-Coil Ignition Parts

Time has indeed passed you by if you still believe in the traditional import engine tuneup. Many years ago, much of the import service market revolved around the annual spark plug, ignition cable, distributor cap and rotor replacement needed to maintain an import engine at peak efficiency. During the past decade, however, multi-coil waste-spark and

Preventing Brake Dusting Improves Brake Performance and Wheel Aesthetics

Nothing looks worse than a relatively clean $50,000 car with black, grimy wheels. European luxury sedans are notorious for having dirty front wheels because of the black dust that’s generated by their disc brake pads. The dust sticks to the alloy wheels giving them an unsightly appearance. Europeans use different friction materials than their domestic

OBD II Diagnostics:Tips And Tricks to Make the Process Easier

The Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) can be a golden light of opportunity for your shop. If the light comes on, it means the Onboard Diagnostics II system (OBD II) has detected an emissions-related problem. OBD II is designed to turn on the MIL if a problem occurs that may cause emissions to exceed federal limits

Diagnosing and Fixing Compressor Failures

The compressor is the heart of the refrigeration circuit. It pumps and pressurizes the refrigerant to move it through the A/C system. Compressors work hard and run hot, up to several hundred degrees and several hundred pounds per square inch of internal pressure, yet they rely on only a few ounces of lubricant to keep

Mass Air Flow Operation Strategy

When diagnosing hot-wire air flow meters (A/F meters) on Subarus and similarly equipped Asian vehicles, technicians may find that, while the meter passes all recommended test procedures, the engine exhibits driveability conditions associated with lean air/fuel mixture ratios. In these cases, it’s best to form a diagnostic strategy based on the relatively simple operating principles

Filtering in New Opportunities

Your sniffling, sneezing customers could be just the sales opportunity your shop was itching for. That’s because consumers with severe allergies could benefit the most from a replacement of their vehicle’s cabin air filter (CAF). Allergy-affected customers may be the only ones you have who even know that their vehicle contains a cabin air filter.

Muscling in on Restoration & Performance Work: Part 1

As automotive technology continues to become more complex with each new model year, you may be longing for the “good ol’ days” when engines had carburetors and distributors but no sensors, fuel injectors or computers. Most driveability problems were fairly simple to diagnose and only required a trained ear and a few basic tools. Alas,

Understanding Operating Strategies

As driveability technicians, we’ve been taught to solve diagnostic problems by gathering and analyzing data. Data usually comes in three basic forms, the first of which is sensory data that we can see, hear, smell or feel. The second form is measured values gathered by using test equipment like lab scopes and multimeters. The third

News: Babcox Memorial Scholarship Applications Now Being Accepted

Bedford, TX — The Automotive Management Institute (AMI) is calling for applications for the 2004 Tom B. Babcox Memorial Scholarship. AMI’s resource development effort, EXCEL, in conjunction with Babcox Publications, established the $1,000 scholarship, which is awarded annually to an Automotive Service Association (ASA) Mechanical Division member who strives to be, or is presently, working

Your Business is a ‘People’ Business

As providers of high-quality, efficient repairs on import nameplates, you are also discerning buyers of premium parts, tools and equipment, purveyors of optimal customer service and smart businesspeople, so the way you run your business and your impressions of the marketplace truly make an impact. A recent readership study of ImportCar readers asked, “Do you

Alternators Are the Heart of Import Electrical Systems

In current SAE J1930 terminology, the “alternator” is now being referred to as a “generator.” Of course, this isn’t news for many import technicians because many imports have always been equipped with “generators” for several years. By either name, the alternator’s job has definitely become more complex during the past decade. Years ago, the typical

Volkswagen Brake, Suspension and Exhaust Repairs

The original Volkswagen Beetle changed a number of things for the maintenance technician. The muffler was part of the engine, the suspension consisted of front and rear torsion bars, and the brakes, though actually large for a car of the Bug’s weight, needed adjustment on a regular basis to make them safe. Things have changed