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Mazda Clutch Replacement and Installation Tips

As import specialists, our work can be both difficult and rewarding. We are required to perform a variety of repairs, ranging from routine maintenance to high-end diagnostics and troubleshooting, all of which require certain skill sets and equipment to accomplish. There are few professions that will have you using a high-tech, computer-driven labscope on one

Mending Hondas and Acuras with Quality OEM Parts

ho will pass along the news of their good experience. “There are very few things we use that aren’t factory,” Dan says, adding that their association with the local Honda dealership helps attract business. “We sell the jobs by pushing OEM parts. There are rare instances where we’ll offer a customer something that’s not an

Investing to Preserve Our National/International Interests

If you think oil and gas prices are getting bad now, and world supplies are critical, just wait a few years. It will only be worse, and it will have a drastic impact on the U.S. economy as well as the automotive service industry. You see, when oil and gas prices rise, Americans drive fewer

Oil Change Intervals

Contaminants Can Be Engine Killers Contaminants tend to accumulate in all engines as the miles add up. Short-trip, stop-and-go city driving, as well as excessive idling, accelerate the rate at which these contaminants form. Changing the oil and filter regularly and using gasoline that contains an adequate amount of detergent to keep the fuel system,

Tech Tips: Safety Issues for Servicing Hybrid Vehicles

The hybrid concept of combining an internal combustion engine with an electric motor and electric power supply is becoming more popular as vehicle manufacturers look to reduce emissions and fuel consumption in vehicles. Consumer interest in these vehicles has been favorable, which is why you can expect to see more of these types of vehicles

Matching Your Techs with the Right Job

Just a single decade ago, many industry experts speculated that 80% of the workflow passing through an independent repair shop would involve some type of high-level diagnostic process. Today, it’s obvious that, with the infusion of electronic operating systems, high-level diagnostics is now approaching that level of total workflow. Nevertheless, many others continue to ridicule

Spark Plug Technology

Spark plugs have been around almost as long as the internal combustion engine. In 1902, spark plugs were first used with a high voltage magneto to provide reliable ignition. For the next 70 years, spark plugs were a high maintenance item thanks to tetraethyl lead, which was used as an octane-boosting additive in gasoline. Unfortunately,

NASCAR Performance

NASCAR Announces Changes to Provisional Qualifying

Talking Shop

Finding 2003 Tax Savings In 2004

A/C Update

Once a year the Mobile Air Conditioning Society (MACS) hosts a trade show for A/C shop owners and technicians. This year’s event was held in Orlando, FL, January 22-24, and provided a wealth of service information to those who attended the technical sessions. For those who could not be there, we pass along some of

Aftermarket Update

Trade Press Gets First-Hand Look During Tour of Bosch’s State-of-the-Art South Carolina O2 Sensor Plant Oxygen sensors are one of the key sensors in every engine’s fuel management feedback control system. Consequently, O2 sensors play a vital role in maintaining low emissions, good fuel economy and peak performance. Developed by the Robert Bosch Corporation, O2

Turn Repair Accountability into Service Profitability

Want to inject some new enthusiasm into your business? Showcase your technicians’ diagnostic skills and repair ability? Boost your shop’s bottom line? Set your shop apart from the competition? Elevate your image within the community? Increase your customer service levels? If you said yes to one or more of these questions, then listen up. With