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Bosch Unveils New Smartphone-Friendly Packaging for Oxygen Sensors

Bosch has introduced new packaging for its line of oxygen sensors, building on the growing popularity of smartphone technology. The new packaging includes for the first time QR (Quick Response) codes that can be scanned with a smartphone for immediate product information.

Tech Update: Key Cycles and Codes

OBD II brought a lot of changes regarding how a technician diagnoses a vehicle. With OBD I, a failure had to occur in order to produce a service code, while OBD II can monitor failures or even partial failures. These days, codes have become part of the normal process in determining a fault. There are several different types of codes. Beyond engine, transmission, HVAC or body codes, there’s also a way to break down the priority of some of those codes.

Pulling Codes: Intermittent Misfire/Idle/Stall on Dodge Stratus, Codes P0300, P0303 and P0171

This month’s column comes to us from Bill Fulton. He takes us through a Pulling Codes case of a 2004 Dodge Stratus with intermittent misfire/idle/stall using his symptom-to-system diagnostic strategies.

Quick Check Diagnostics Now Available from AVI

Instructor Jim Wilson has put together a must have class for every technician out there. This class will help you when it takes longer to diagnose a job than you would like. It covers a step-by-step approach to engine diagnostics.

Tech Tip: Every MAF Sensor Needs a Breath of Fresh Air

Sensor replacement is critical to engine efficiency because a dirty MAF sensor will not respond as fast to air flow changes as a clean sensor.

Tech Tip: Dodge Neon Sport Code P0340 Intermittently

Customer complains the vehicle bucks and misses intermittently while driving. Code P0340 is stored. This code may be caused by the camshaft position sensor.

A 360° Look Into the GM 60° 3.1L Engine

Over the years, GM has saved a bundle on manufacturing the 3.1L engine by using the production line tooling it originally developed for the 2.8L V6. By simply changing the bore diameter, the displacement of the same engine block could now be increased for more power and torque.

Oxygen Sensors Give NASCAR Teans New Control of Night Racing with Changing Air Density as Johnson Wins 200th for Hendrick

Jimmie Johnson and No. 48 out-dueled a charging Denny Hamlin and Tony Stewart for the checkered flag at Darlington Raceway’s grueling Bojangles’ Southern 500 Saturday night May 12, for Hendrick Motorsports’ 200th NASCAR Sprint Cup Series win.

DENSO Sales California Releases New 2012 Oxygen and Air/Fuel Sensor Catalog

DENSO Sales California has announced the availability of its new 2012 Oxygen and Air/Fuel Sensor Catalog (#O2AF-CAT-0412), which includes 98 new oxygen sensor part numbers, adding 959 new applications to cover an additional 7.2 million units in operation.

Tech Tip: Oxygen Sensor Types, Technologies and Common Failures

The purpose of the engine management system (EMS) is to apply the correct amount of gasoline to the air entering the engine, while igniting the compressed air/fuel mixture at the right time within the cylinder. When an average Stoichiometric ratio of 14.7 lbs. of air to 1 lb. of gasoline is maintained, the EMS provides adequate oxygen for the reduction of harmful pollutants, as well as a rich enough mixture to prevent the catalyst from overheating.

Walker Products Releases 2012 Marine Catalog

Walker Products of Garden Grove, CA, announces the official release of their 2012 Marine Products Catalog. The more extensive catalog features more than 60 new parts within the categories of Engine Sensors, Carburetor Kits & Components, Fuel Injection, O2 Sensors, Fuel Pump Repair Kits and more.

Gonzo’s Toolbox: ‘Check Engine’ Charlie

Charlie comes in every now and then. I guess you could say he’s a regular, but I think I would call him more of an opportunist when it comes to his car repairs. He’ll go to a quick lube for oil changes, a tire shop for tires, a transmission shop for transmission work, and so on. If there is an