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Bosch Expands Its O2 Sensor Line; Adds 82 New OE-Fit Part Numbers

Bosch has expanded its line of oxygen sensors to cover applications through the current 2013 model year. The 82 new OE-fit sensors cover 21.9 million vehicles in the United States and Canada including a variety of domestic and import applications – both Asian and European. Besides a host of passenger cars, minivans and SUVs, the new coverage also includes several hybrid vehicles.

Dorman Products Releases May New Product Announcement

Dorman Products has released its May New Product Announcement, featuring 400 new parts, 109 of which are exclusive formerly “Dealer Only” parts.

Determining When An Oxygen Sensor Needs Replaced

When diagnosing any oxygen sensor, remember that outside air entering the exhaust system from an exhaust leak will obviously reduce an oxygen sensor’s indicated voltage output. It’s also important to know that oxygen sensors can become rich or lean biased due to problems like sensor contamination and faulty sensor grounds. Remember that, regardless of how well it tests, a biased sensor will not produce a stoichiometric air/fuel ratio. So, if the sensor is questionable, it should be replaced.

Tech Tip: Chrysler’s Fuel Pressure Is OK, but Codes P0172 and P0175 are Detected

Applies To: 1998-2004 Intrepid 2.7L 1999-2004 Concorde 2.7L 2001 LHS 3.5L 2001-’04 Sebring 2.7L 2002 300M 3.5L 2002-’04 Intrepid 3.5L and Stratus 2.7L 2003-’04 Concorde 3.5L 2003 Stratus 2.4L Customer Concern: Trouble codes P0172 and P0175; fuel pressure is OK. Potential Causes: Camshaft Timing Oxygen (O2) Sensor Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Valve Tests/Procedures: 1. Test

Tech Feature: Hall Effect Sensor Diagnostics

Hall effect crankshaft position (CKP) and camshaft position (CMP) sensors are critical components of an engine management system. The inputs they provide enable the powertrain control module (PCM) to determine engine speed and position including where a given cylinder is within the four-stroke cycle.

Diagnosing A 2011 Chrysler Town & Country With Trouble Code P0152

Verify the wiring to the O2 sensors is normal. These sensors will normally switch between 2.5 volts and 3.5 volts when they are working correctly. The sensor ground will have 2.5 volts on it and this is normal for this vehicle.

Diagnosing And Replacing Oxygen Sensors

An oxygen sensor test can be used to assist technicians in verifying the oxygen sensor operation, but it should not be the only test used to determine if a sensor should be replaced. Most scan tools have an oxygen sensor tests function (also known as Mode $05), which allows a technician to view the data readings for the oxygen sensor(s).

Tech Tip: Don’t ‘Blow By’ PCV Inspections

Most emission control parts, like the PCV valve, require little if any scheduled maintenance, but replacement may be necessary if the Check Engine light is on, the vehicle has failed an emissions test or is experiencing a driveability problem. Other emission control components include the exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valve, the evaporative emission control system (EVAP) vapor canister and purge valves, the catalytic converter, oxygen sensors and all of the engine’s other engine management sensors.

Tuning In To The EFI Market

There are many variables that need to be calculated and calibrated when it comes to electronic fuel injection (EFI), but simple fuel flow is just the beginning. EFI goes far beyond a replacement for a carburetor, and the electronic part of the equation is where these systems seem so complicated. Many EFI systems give you the ability to control a wide range of parameters of the vehicle, so it’s more involved than simply controlling fuel flow.

Dorman Products Releases March New Product Announcement Featuring More Than 115 Parts

Dorman Products has released its March New Product Announcement, featuring 117 new parts, 29 of which are exclusive formerly “Dealer Only” parts.

Spectra Premium Launches Oxygen Sensor Promotion

Spectra Premium is launching a promotion to support its newest product category, oxygen sensors. From March 1 to April 30, customers purchasing $1,000 in oxygen sensors will receive a 15 percent discount.

Spectra Premium Introduces New Line Of O2 Sensors

They are 100 percent performance-tested to meet vehicle requirements with all accessories included for installation, the company says.