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Diagnostic Dilemmas: Approaching No-Code Diagnostics

Thanks to the increasing reliability of modern vehicles, most diagnostic technicians are seeing fewer pattern-failure driveability complaints. For that reason, many techs won’t gamble expensive shop time chasing an illusive no-code driveability complaint. Instead, many will write “no problem found” on the repair order and move on to the next vehicle. Unfortunately, at some point in time, the intermittent, no-code driveability will either be solved or the vehicle will be traded or sold for scrap.

Mercedes: Diagnosing a P0301 Misfire Code Harnessing the Benefits of an Amp Probe

Electronics Diagnostic Specialist Sergio

Phaser-Style Variable Valve Timing System Controls And Operation

Phasers commonly can be found on just the exhaust cam or on both the intake and exhaust cams.

Diagnostic Solutions: No-Code Sensor Failures

Import Specialist Contributor Gary Goms takes a look at how to utilize one or more scan tool features to detect an intermittent, no-code sensor failure.

Tech Tip: Kia Check Engine Light Is On With MAF Sensor Code

Kia Rio’s check engine light is on and there is a mass air flow (MAF) sensor range/performance code in the system. The engine will hesitate at times.

Delphi Adds MAF Sensors To Its Engine Management Portfolio

Delphi has added three new Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensors to its engine management portfolio covering more than 8.3 million Toyota and Nissan vehicles from 1997 to present. Part numbers include AF10062 and AF10141.

Diagnostic Solutions: MAF Sensor Testing Methods

Troubleshooting MAF sensor problems can become a major headache for diagnostic technicians because the failure is usually one that involves a calibration error, rather than an outright electrical or mechanical failure.

Tenneco Bringing New Coverage, Latest Technologies To Walker Converter Line

Several popular Toyota, Honda, Subaru, Hyundai and Kia applications will be among dozens of late-model import vehicles that will be added to Tenneco’s Walker line of catalytic converters in 2013. The company also plans to significantly increase its offering of EPA- and CARB-compliant manifold converters to reflect the latest emissions control designs being used by global vehicle manufacturers.

Diagnostic Solutions: Oxygen Sensor Inspection And Service

Oxygen sensors have been a part of the automotive maintenance scene since 1976, when feedback fuel controls were popularly introduced. By 1980, nearly every car and light truck was equipped with an oxygen sensor that allowed their computer-controlled fuel systems to operate in a “closed-loop,” “feedback” or “fuel control” mode.

ShowMeTheParts.com Announces Several Recent Supplier Additions

With the recent additions of Bosch (air management, fuel injection and pumps, glow plug, O2 sensors, spark plugs, water pumps and wipers), Mileage Maker, Nissens, Thermal Solutions, TRW, Walker Products, Washable Air, and Uquality Automotive Products, ShowMeTheParts.com now includes more than 210 brands covering almost 3,000 part types, and millions of applications.

Walker Products To Release 2013 Domestic Oxygen Sensor Catalog At AAPEX

Walker Products has announced it will release its 2013 Domestic Oxygen Sensor Catalog, to coincide with AAPEX 2012, which takes place Oct. 30 through Nov. 1 in Las Vegas.

Tech Tip: Replacing an AF10058 MAF Sensor with a Probe-Only Design

Contamination is a key reason why mass air flow (MAF) sensors fail and require replacement. As air, dirt and other debris get into the sensor, the parts become contaminated and result in failure. Drivers often notice sluggish performance, rough idling or even stalling. There may also be a more frequent need to refuel.