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Repair Shop Has Catalytic Converters Cut From a Dozen Vehicles

A repair shop in Lilburn, GA, was recently targeted by a thief who cut the catalytic converters from 12 vehicles that were on the lot. Four of the converters were taken from customers’ vehicles.

The DeLorean – Back From the Past Part II

This article explores performance modifications that have been developed for the DeLorean from the time of its release to the present day. Although anything is possible, performance modifications over the past 30 years have focused primarily on the areas of engine modification (or replacement), and suspension modifications. I won’t be getting into time travel modifications – those are beyond the scope of this article.

Tech Feature: Exhaust Leaks and the Stoichiometric Ratio

When I was a kid, I used to watch my dad, who started out as a diesel mechanic, tune up cars and trucks from time to time. He would turn the adjustment screws on the carburetor until the engine smoothed out and started to purr. Then, after listening closely to the rumbling of the motor, the adjustment screws would get one final tweak. He would always bend down and cup his hand around the belching tail pipe exhaust and take a big sniff of the fumes, and then go back to his adjustments. That was back in the 60s and 70s before PCMs, O2 sensors and catalytic converters.

Catalytic Converter Thief Arrested After Tip from Salvage Yard

A Georgetown, DE, man was arrested and charged with numerous crimes relating to the theft of catalytic converters from the parking lots of car dealerships and auto parts stores. A salvage yard called police after the man tried to sell them a quantity of converters.

Tech Tip: VW’s Check Engine Light is On with Fault Code P0411

When diagnosing various VW and Audi vehicles, the Check Engine Light (MIL) is on and fault code P0411 (16795) is stored in the fault memory.

Tech Tip: Kia MIL Illumination with Front Heated O2 Sensor DTCS

If a 2004-’06 Spectra 2.0L exhibits an MIL on

Tech Tip: Nissan’s Engine Idle Speed is 25 RPM too High

If you confirm the idle, in Park or Neutral, is more than 25 rpm above specification (with the engine warm), and/or DTC P0507 (ISC System) is stored, this incident may be the result of recent cleaning or replacement of the throttle body. The vehicle “in-use” learned idle may be higher after throttle body deposits are reduced (by cleaning or replacement).

Bosch Expertise on Oxygen Sensors for Vehicle Manufacturers Benefits the Aftermarket

Bosch has been manufacturing and supplying automotive parts and systems to vehicle manufacturers since the very beginning of the automobile. As inventor, manufacturer and supplier of many ground-breaking automotive technologies – such as the oxygen sensor which was introduced in 1976 – to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), Bosch enjoys a unique position in being able to bring OE-level quality, fit and function to its aftermarket products.

Tech Feature: Family Ties – Servicing Chrysler’s Versatile 3.3L and 3.8L Engines

First introduced as a family back in 1990, these engines have been upgraded and improved to provide good torque for the necessary applications, reasonable fuel economy and a reputation for durability and appropriate performance.

Pulling Codes: Status Really Does Matter

Many modern-day fuel systems offer a new look into system status definitions. It’s become very important to extend our understanding well beyond the concepts of simple “open loop” and “closed loop” status. This month, we will explore the new fuel system definitions that are present on many of today’s vehicles. We’ll begin our discussion by looking at each one on an individual basis.

Diagnostic Dilemmas: Solving No-Code Performance Complaints

For many diagnostic techs, nothing is more discouraging and time-consuming than dealing with a no-code driveability complaint. Today’s second-generation On-Board Diagnostics II (OBD II) can be extremely sophisticated because the OBD II powertrain control modules (PCMs) in modern vehicles have far more computing capacity than did the older, pre-1996 OBD I vehicles. Nevertheless, we occasionally have to deal with a no-code performance complaint on a modern OBD II vehicle.

Tech Tip: 10-Step Driveability Test

Technicians may find that driveability problems continue after ECM replacement. Before condemning the replacement ECM, check for computer codes and correct any indicated problems, then perform this 10-Step Driveability Checklist.