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Advantages of Dry Sump Oil Systems

oil sump systems

Dry sump oil systems were once found only on racing ­engines, but they are starting to find their way into more production cars, like the LS 7 and Mercedes-Benz V8. Also, many prototype engines for fuel-efficient cars now have dry sump oil systems. Why?


Packaging: No oil pan means the engine can sit lower. This gives a car a lower center of gravity and potentially better aerodynamics. Also, the oil tank can be mounted in a ­variety of locations under the hood.

Power: Since there is no oil sloshing around below the crank, more power can be ­generated. More power also means more efficiency and ­better fuel economy using a dry sump ­system.

Engine Wear & Startup Emissions: Pumping cold oil through an engine does the most damage to a bearing, and an engine is the dirtiest during the first 30-60 seconds of ­running. Storing oil in a ­thermos-type device in the oil tank can use warm oil instead of cold oil at startup, which will lower emissions. A dry sump can also carry more oil so change intervals can be extended even longer.

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