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Wheel Speed Sensors

According to a recent BRAKE & FRONT END survey, the most commonly replaced ABS items are wheel speed sensors and wheel bearing hub units with wheel speed sensors. Pulling a wheel speed sensor code does not mean that you should immediately pull and replace the sensor. If you do not confirm the source of the

Diagnostic Solutions: Wheel Bearing Diagnosis

PROPER PROCEDURES AND CORRECT TOOLS PREVENT COMEBACKS Although wheel bearings are often the most neglected part of the vehicle, they nevertheless have a critical job to do, and in most cases, do it very well. Not only are wheel bearings designed to support the weight of the vehicle and allow it to travel over a

Wheel Bearings 101

Service and replacement is making a comeback on some vehicles Some people think servicing wheel bearings is a thing of the past — like measuring dwell on a set of ignition points. But, even with sealed hub units, inspection and service have not gone out of style. Like any moving part on a vehicle that


I recently bought a 1967 AMC Rambler American for a “beater rally” that will take the car from New York to New Orleans (www.baberally.com). The 1,500 mile trek is not that extraordinary, but when you consider that it must be done in a $250 car, it takes on a whole new dimension. Also, the more

Selling Services: Anti-Seize & Studs

Last month I received a great letter from one of our readers. He was absolutely livid about the story “Double Hit” in our February issue. Ed from the Cherokee Garage in Beckwourth, CA, pointed out several incorrect items in the article. In the article, it was advised that a light coating of anti-seize could be

A Brief History

In 1931, people thought Edward S. Babcox was insane for launching a magazine in the middle of the great depression. But, 75 years and almost 900 issues later, BRAKE & FRONT END is still going strong. For the past few months, I have been reading back issues of BRAKE & FRONT END non-stop. In musty

Wheel Bearing Failure Diagnostics

On a typical passenger vehicle weighing around 3,400 pounds, each pair of front-wheel bearings, as well as the rear-wheel or axle bearings, support saround 850 pounds, depending on the weight balance and driveline configuration. If it’s a 6,000-pound SUV, each bearing might carry about 1,500 pounds. This load is concentrated on the relatively small bearing

Selling Services: Selling the Scope to Your Customer

While replacing a blown head gasket and re-torquing the head bolts, you reach into your tool box and grab your 1/2-inch impact and rattle the bolts down. Just kidding! You would reach for your torque wrench and accurately follow the manufacturer recommendations for torque patterns and values. To guarantee a quality repair, an accurate torque

BALL JOINTS & BUSHINGS: Worn Components Take Their Toll on Advanced Suspension Technologies

Too often, shop owners and technicians alike assume that suspension systems haven’t changed much in the past 20 years. In reality, nothing could be farther from the truth because today’s import vehicle may incorporate a number of technologies that can be affected by worn steering and suspension components. To illustrate, we’re beginning to see electronic

Under Pressure and Pounding: What Happens to Wheel Bearings and Suspensions When Wheels Get Big?…Stop Using Percentages if You Cannot Show Your Work!

Custom wheels and tires have been an automotive fashion statement since the 1970’s and today custom wheels have become automotive jewelry with 26-inch spinners on a Hummer as one of the ultimate statements. But, the hidden costs come at the price of wheel bearing life and other wheel end components. As an undercar shop, you

Replacing FWD Wheel Bearings

When a wheel bearing goes out on a FWD car or minivan, it may or may not give much warning. Typical clues include noise from the vicinity of the wheel, possibly some steering wander or looseness in the steering, and/or some abnormal tread wear on the front tires. Also, an ABS light could illuminate. Any

Servicing Cartridge FWD Wheel Bearings

Early front-wheel-drive wheel bearing service was difficult and time intensive. The most common arrangement was a pair of tapered roller bearings similar to that of a rear-wheel-drive vehicle, but with a spacer between the bearings. Servicing this arrangement took time and often special tools. Of course, an axle shaft went through the bearings and spacer.