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Pico Technology Launches New Diagnostic Oscilloscopes

The tools combine the strengths of labscopes and add a smart interface for powered and intelligent accessories.

Using A Scope To Diagnose Prevents Parts Swapping

Being able to use a scope allows you to make a more accurate diagnosis faster. It is a tool that can prevent that second call to a customer advising them the initial estimate did not work. It can also be a triage tool that can save you from having to remove plugs to perform a compression test or give additional evidence if a misfire is electrical or mechanical.

Pico’s Waveform Analysis, Search Feature Help To Validate Characteristics And Performance Of Complex Devices

DeepMeasure delivers automatic measurement of waveform parameters on up to a million successive waveform cycles.

Pico Technology Introduces PicoScope 4225 And PicoScope 4425

The recently introduced two-channel PicoScope 4225 and four-channel PicoScope 4425 are the company’s fifth generation of automotive PC oscilloscopes.

Fuel Injector Circuit Waveforms

The electric fuel injector has been around for more than 50 years. The principles of operation are simple. An electromagnetic coil moves a pintle in a chamber that has pressurized fuel on one side and a nozzle on the other. The coil is typically energized by a driver pulling the circuit to ground. As the coil is saturated by energy, the pintle moves upwards against a spring. This allows fuel to be injected into the engine.

fuel injector circuit voltage featured
Using Your Oscilloscope: Current Ramp Test Ignition Coils

The diversity of modern ignition coil designs has made ignition oscilloscope analysis more difficult because many ignition coil waveforms deviate from the conventional norm. Consequently, oscilloscope diagnosis shouldn’t be considered a definitive test of ignition coil condition unless it can be compared with a known-good waveform.

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