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Voltage Drop Testing

The measurement of voltage is like the speed of the traffic.

Lang Tools Offers Hybrid Safe Multimeter

This versatile and accurate DMM can make your testing on and off the vehicle faster and more efficient.

VIDEO: Fuel Pump Voltage; Different Numbers On Different Tools?

Andrew Markel discusses the current used to drive fuel pumps, and how measuring it with a suite of diagnostic tools can determine the component’s health. Sponsored by Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper.

VIDEO: Checking Battery Health Before Module Programming

Andrew Markel discusses programming modules on a vehicle, and the importance of checking the health of the battery before performing the procedure. Sponsored by Nissan.

OTC Introduces Amp Clamp/Multimeter

The tool allows easy access to current, voltage and other key automotive measurements. Additional tests and features include Duty Cycle, Resistance, Capacitance, Diode, Continuity, Frequency and Temperature.

Catching The Electron Flow: Multimeters And Fuse Box Diagnostics

Gary Goms explains why the multimeter is the first tool he reaches for in his diagnostic tool box when diagnosing electrical system problems.

VIDEO: Alternators And AC Ripple

Andrew Markel explains how AC ripple can affect modules’ communication and even damage them. Sponsored by Bosch Automotive Service Solutions.

Snap-on Offers Handheld Circuit Tester, Multimeter

Snap-on is looking to make AC/DC, resistance and amperage testing easier with its latest tool – the EECT900 Multi-Probe Ultra. The tool has both a circuit tester and digital multimeter in one handheld device.