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Forcing OBD II Vehicle Emission Monitors

Some vehicles have readiness issues when it comes to setting all the OBD II monitors.

VIDEO: Did You Check The Monitors?

Take time to look at the lights on your service monitors. This video is sponsored by Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper.

VIDEO: Oil Life Monitors On GM Vehicles

Andrew Markel explores GM’s specifications for oil life monitors and how they may alert the driver to change the oil at an unexpected time. Sponsored by MAHLE.

Oil Monitors: Talking To Customers About Life And Reality

With today’s vehicles, different makes and models have stark differences in component design and engineering. Likewise, the driving style between any two drivers on the road can be just as varied as the vehicles they own. So, the question then in the face of these variables is, “Why are most oil change guidelines still so uniform and generic?”