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Preventing Head Gasket Replacement Leaks (Video)

Head gasket replacement can be like fighting a losing battle. Don’t give up though, there’s still hope! Sponsored by K-Seal.

VIDEO: How To Handle Leaks On CVT Transmissions

Andrew Markel discusses leaks on CVT transmissions, how their extended operation could eventually cause a leak, and how to stop the leak when it is seen. Sponsored by Bar’s Leaks.

VIDEO: Symptoms Of A Head Gasket Leak

Andrew Markel discusses common symptoms pointing to a failed or leaking head gasket, and the tools needed to diagnose the issues. Sponsored by Bar’s Leaks.

VIDEO: Is It A Leak Or Normal Residue?

Andrew Markel discusses diagnosing leaks, and how some leaks may actually be residue present under normal conditions. Sponsored by Nissan.

Engine Gasket Guide: Are You Pairing The Gasket With The Correct Sealant And Surface?

There are endless combinations of engines, applications and gaskets on the market. But how do you match the gasket with the correct installation procedures? Here is a quick guide on how to match gaskets with the correct sealants and surface treatments.

EVAP Leak Diagnostics

On its own, any leak detection device can be a powerful tool to detect leaks. In the wrong hands, using these can lead to comebacks and parts being replaced needlessly. But, when one of these devices is paired with service information, training and most importantly a scan tool, it can lead to a more profitable and productive diagnostic process.

EVAP system