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Induction Innovations Has Introduced Venom HP

Use the Venom HP to heat larger metal fasteners and components faster.

Induction Innovations Launches Highest Powered Mini-Ductor

Safely and rapidly heat hardware without a flame.

Induction Innovations Launches Venom HP

The Venom HP induction heater will start shipping in the U.S. and Canada during the first quarter of 2020.

Induction Innovations Introduces Mini Induction Heater

The Mini-Ductor Venom generates Invisible Heat to release ferrous and some non-ferrous metals from corrosion and thread lock compounds without the dangers of open flame.

Precise And Manageable Invisible Heat From Induction Innovations

Venom’s feature set allows users to repair vehicles and equipment faster, safer and more profitably, and to salvage parts normally discarded.

Induction Innovations’ Inductor Lite Gives More Control Over Induction Heat Levels

In seconds, users are able to release seized hardware from corrosion or threadlock compounds and other adhesives without the collateral damage and safety risks of an open flame.