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Engineering Better Belt Systems

An accessory drive belt is always both speeding up and slowing down.

Balancing Combustion Forces

Visual inspection is critical. Any sign of movement laterally is grounds for replacement.

Advanced Belt Noise Diagnostics

One of the noisiest components under the hood of a vehicle can be the belt and the drive components. Noise is not the fault of the belt, but the result of how the power comes from the crankshaft and the components attached to the belt.

VIDEO: Don’t Forget The Harmonic Balancer!

Andrew Markel discusses the function of harmonic balancers and the importance of checking it during a timing belt job. Sponsored by Dayco.

Dayco Expands Its Aftermarket Parts Line

Dayco has added an additional 391 parts to its aftermarket line, covering more than 96.9 million parts in operation in the United States.