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Tech Tip: Avoid Damaging VW/Audi Rear Calipers

Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) technology

Honda Tech Feature: Eliminating Brake Comebacks

The advent of ABS, and its integration into traction control and vehicle stability assist, make good work habits when servicing the brake

Tech Tip: Brake Vibration Diagnostics on Subaru Models

Studies confirm that rarely is it necessary to resurface brake rotors and/or drums on all four wheels when a confirmed brake vibration exists. With proper diagnostics, front or rear brake vibrations can be isolated, eliminating the need to resurface all four rotors and/or rear brake drums.

Brake Tech Feature: Rotors and Friction Service

Years ago, a brake replacement would pass muster if it allowed a vehicle to stop in a reasonable distance at highway speeds. Today, a brake replacement must meet consumer-oriented criteria in areas of braking noise, pedal sensitivity, side-to-side pulling, pedal pulsation, frictional qualities, fade resistance, wheel dusting and friction longevity.

Brake Safety Technology: Mercedes-Benz Brake Assist & Sensotronic Systems

One of the new safety technologies you’ll find in a growing number of European and Asian vehicles is Brake Assist (or BAS for Brake Assist System). The technology actually was invented more than a decade ago, and was first used back in 1996 on Mercedes S-Class and SL-Class cars. In 1998, Mercedes made Brake Assist standard on all of its models.

Subaru Legacy Outback 2.5L Tech Tip: ABS Motor On, Pedal Descends, But Doesn’t Run

Customer Concern: When you come to a stop, just before completely stopped, the ABS motor kicks on and the pedal goes down, then comes back up. Doesn’t matter what kind of stop. Always does it right before the vehicle is completely stopped. No codes are present.

Brake Service Tools & Equipment

The bucks start here!

Kia Preventive Maintenance: Chassis, Engine & Brake Repairs

More Kias on the road means more repair and maintenance opportunities for the import car specialist, so don’t let them pass you by. In this article, Bob Dowie focuses on the most common problems and maintenance items that have them finding their way into your bays – like check engine light, brake and chassis repairs.

Tech Feature: 2004-2008 Nissan Maxima Brake Job

Called the four-door sports car by Nissan, the 2004-2008 Maxima brake system is easy to service with very few complaints of brake noise or pulsation. The system used the same brake pads, rotors and calipers on all models. There were some changes in 2007 to the ABS system. The system uses floating piston calipers on the front and rear with the parking brake in the hub of the rotor.

Honda Front Wheel Bearings With Integrated ABS Tone Ring

This tech tip provides part numbers and technical information for SKF double-row, angular-contact front wheel bearings with a split inner ring. The part numbers noted pertain to specific Honda applications.

Servicing Hybrids: 10 Must Read Articles for Servicing Hybrid Vehicles from Ford, GM, Toyota, Honda and Nissan

Currently, there are about 1.2 million hybrid vehicles on the road. Within five years, hybrids are expected to account for 20 to 25% of all new car and light-truck sales. So sooner or later, you’ll be working on these vehicles at your shop. These vehicles have the same service opportunities like brake pads, filters and suspension parts that need replacement. Also, battery packs, electric motors and computers will need service soon. Below are the top ten hybrid articles so you can cash in.

Tech Tip: Bleeding Vehicles with Anti-Lock Brakes

When the brake system is opened for any repair, air is introduced into the system. ABS brake systems may require special tools or equipment to help remove all the air.