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Tech Feature: Wheel Bearing Service on Hybrid Vehicles

Most hybrid vehicles on the market today share wheel bearing components with their non-hybrid counterparts. There is no need to turn away these vehicles for wheel bearing replacement. As these vehicles increase in age, failures of the wheel bearings are inevitable. The main trend for some makes of hybrids, such as Toyota, is a shift to wheel bearing hub units from cartridge-type bearings.

Tech Feature: Ford Hybrid Braking

A hybrid vehicle is a different animal than many of us are used to seeing. After all, if the engine of a typical vehicle were to stall out at a traffic light, the driver of that vehicle would know something was wrong with it. If that same vehicle still drove with the engine off, then that would mean they were probably going down hill. But in the hybrid world, that is all normal. Several systems around the vehicle are impacted by two key elements.

Bleeding ABS Brake System: Why Brake Fluid and Lines Degrade

According to R. L. Polk, the average age of the vehicles on U.S. roads was 9.2 years in 2007 with 41 percent of the vehicles 11 years or older. This high median age is a good reason to consider the condition of the brake fluid and bleeding procedures when performing maintenance or repairs. Maintenance or repair of an Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) system can require the opening of the hydraulic system. Any time the hydraulic system is opened, air can be introduced into the lines and components.

Tech Tip: ‘Braking’ the Code on a Ford Hybrid

The owner of a Ford Escape Hybrid or Mercury Mariner Hybrid may complain of an illuminated malfunction indicator lamp (MIL). If you obtain the diagnostic trouble code (DTC) of U2062, the problem may originate in the brake system control module, part of the hydraulic control unit (HCU). Follow the steps in the Service Procedure to correct the condition.

Active Safety Technology: Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Departure Warning & Collision Mitigation Braking

A vehicle that stops itself may sound like something out of a futuristic sci-fi movie, but the technology is here and now. From collision mitigation braking to adaptive cruise control, find out how many of today’s next generation active safety systems come into play.

Tech Tip: Mercedes-Benz Suspension/ABS-Steering Angle Sensor Service

For Model 163 vehicles, including the 2003 ML 350, ensure WIS document AR46.10-P-0400GH is followed and adhered to when removing and installing the jacket tube. Do not separate the coupling below the steering angle sensor (N49) or damage to the sensor rotor may occur.

Tech Tip: Toyota Matrix/Pontiac Vibe Brake Job

The 2004-2008 Pontiac Vibe and Toyota Matrix were produced in Fremont, CA, on the same production line. The vehicles are based on the Toyota Corolla platform and share the same braking system.
The front brakes for all models are for the most part the same (including all-wheel drive models). The only changes came in the configuration of the brake pad shims. The rear brakes can be either drum or disc and even some all-wheel-drive versions have drums.

Performance Brake Upgrades: Boosting Brake System Performance and Appearance

What type of customer is a likely prospect for brake upgrades? Those who tend to go through brakes rather quickly because of their driving habits, those who own sporty or performance import makes, and especially those who have already replaced their stock wheels with larger diameter aftermarket alloy wheels and low-profile tires.

Tech Feature: Brake Service on the Cadillac DTS

The 2006-current Cadillac DTS is the largest sedan that General Motors offers. The brake system of the DTS is simple to work on and has a lot in common with other GM vehicles. When one comes into your shop, remember every DTS is equipped with stability control and TPMS, so have a scan tool and TPMS tool on hand.

Tech Tip: SKF Offers Part Numbers for Honda Front Wheel Bearing with Integrated ABS Tone Ring

SKF provides part numbers and technical information for double-row angular contact front wheel bearings with a split inner ring. The part numbers noted in this tech tip pertain to specific Honda applications. The distinctive feature of these wheel bearings is that one of the two seals on the bearing has a built-in magnetic impulse wheel.

Reprogramming ABS Controllers

Reflashing undercar controllers is possible at your shop!

Electronic Brake Distribution: Emerging Technology Offers Service Opportunities

Say goodbye to mechanical brake proportioning valves, and say hello to Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD). This new technology is yet another electronic enhancement that’s being added to many late-model vehicles. With conventional hydraulic brakes, a mechanical proportioning valve is used to reduce pressure to the rear wheels when the brakes are applied. Inside the proportioning