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Editor’s Notebook: Vehicle TLC Pays Dividends You’ll See. . .

More than ever, consumers consider their vehicles to be an extension of their personality, lifestyle and preferences. Beyond the technological advancements, special features, quality enhancements and gizmos, consumers are also attracted to a vehicle by its styling, color scheme, and interior detailing, adding momentum to a love affair that grows stronger each day.

And the automakers in particular are taking notice. Right down to catering to special tastes via the clever naming of vehicle colors.

Not only do vehicle colors and their names attract attention, but people can relate to them. A recent local newspaper article on the subject stated that the art of naming a color is to give it an “appeal factor.” It’s an opportunity to “have some fun in the industry and a unique way to have a direct connection with consumers.” The article also likened color naming to winking at a consumer and saying “we’re having some fun here.”

Hyundai’s vehicle colors, for example, include orange crush, purple rain, Laguna sand, quicksilver, moonlit blue, tango red and apple green. Coming next year is mellow yellow, to attract younger buyers. And, the dark purple for its quasi-luxury sedan, the Azera, is named “aubergine,” to cater to a more sophisticated buyer.

Mazda’s MX-5 comes in stormy blue mica, the Saturn Sky in chili pepper red and the Ford Focus in screaming yellow. Other Ford colors include dark cherry, kiwi green, merlot, white chocolate, light French silk and crème brulee (hungry yet?).

While some color names are meant to be richer sounding or more sophisticated, others are playful and fun, depending on the vehicle buyer demographic the automaker is trying to reach.

So, what does this mean to you? Any extra TLC you can extend to your customers’ vehicles when they are in the shop will go a long way toward securing their lasting loyalty and trust. Beyond accurate diagnosis and expert repairs, if you take the time to pamper their vehicles, it shows that your concern for their vehicle runs deep.

Consider washing the vehicle exterior and shining the tires and, at the minimum, use floor mats and fender covers during the repair process, to avoid leaving dirt and grime behind. Don’t charge them for a fuse, bulb or wiper blade replacement, and even consider throwing in a coupon for the next oil change. The list could go on and on.

By going the extra mile, you demonstrate to customers that you really care about their vehicles, just as they do. In return, you’ll reap the payoff of earning their trust, respect and, most of all, repeat business — that will add a bright spot of color to any day!

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