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Editor’s Notebook: Maintenance Matters! Vehicle Checks and Customer Education Yield Unperformed Maintenance Dollars


What’s the value of the un-educated consumer mindset toward preventive maintenance and its link to better-performing, safer, longer-lasting, more fuel-efficient vehicles? It’s a whopping $60 billion-plus.

One of the main contributors of unperformed maintenance is consumer neglect due to the lack of knowledge about vehicle system operation, and the need for system checks at specified intervals.

We want to help you garner some of those overlooked maintenance dollars. See the special Maintenance Matters supplement that’s included in the November issue of ImportCar. This 24-page piece includes special articles that help define the profit potential available within the maintenance category, and provides useful information to help you sell maintenance services to your customers.

In the “Maintenance Chronicle” sections we feature an eight-bay shop located in Alexandria, VA, and a three-bay shop in Akron, OH.

We’ve documented their maintenance service workflow over a two-week process, as a means to showcase the sales and profit potential in vehicle maintenance services.

Preventive maintenance checks and thorough inspections by shop owners and technicians can drive the purchase and ­installation of filters, wiper blades, lighting, oil, shocks and struts, batteries, antifreeze, tires, belts and hose, and other maintenance-related parts and equipment.

So what are you waiting for? Tout the advantages and value of preventive maintenance. Showcase your expertise in restoring the integrity of vehicle systems. Earn your customers’ trust and repeat business. In the process, you’ll boost your shop’s profitability in automotive maintenance services. Maintenance really does matter — in more ways than one. 

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