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Cold And Flu: Prepare Your Shop For The Season

While having to deal with the onslaught of symptoms is reason enough to protect yourself from cold and flu germs, the cost of missing work due to an illness could be even greater.

Battery Going Dead, Replaced A/C Control Module And Actuators

Shortly after a charging system test, while looking for loose wiring, a clicking noise was found and appeared to be moving throughout the dash in a cycle. The temperature control doors were clicking, attempting to move, but were in fact stuck to one extreme. Scanned the HVAC system and retrieved 3 codes.

How a battery works
Devices For the Gas Crisis of 1973

In October 1973, the Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) issued an oil embargo. By the end of the embargo in March 1974, the price of oil had risen from $3 a barrel to $12. The embargo was issued in response to America’s involvement in the Yom Kippur War. In addition, the U.S. was rationing gasoline at the time due to dwindling supplies of oil.

Mazda Tech Tip: Rough Idle After Idle Air Control Valve Replacement

A car might be over 20 years old, but that doesn’t mean the customer isn’t concerned with how it runs. In this case, the component related to the code was not the culprit.

Audi: Oil Consumption And Carbon Buildup

Carbon and fuel problems with the 2.0L FSI engine have multiple causes, symptoms and solutions. While there is not a single TSB from Audi that clearly outlines the problem, you can connect the dots to realize the problems with oil consumption that damage the top end of the engine and cause carbon buildup.

Telematics In The Aftermarket: Great Opportunity Or Waste Of Time?

OE-implemented telematics have the potential to change how vehicles are engineered. If engineers have access to vehicles in the field, they might be able to engineer a better product. Another benefit of OE telematics systems is the ability to update modules without the customer having to return to the dealership.

Ford Triton V10 Service

The V10 has been an option for the Ford truck chassis since 1997. With the elimination of the 385 series 460-cubic-inch big block, Ford offered the V10 as a diesel alternative. The V10 is a part of Ford’s modular family, and is actually identical to the 5.4-liter SOHC with a 3.552″ bore and 4.165″ stroke with the addition of two cylinders.

Solving Brake Noise With the Right Brake Pad and Shim

When a brake pad makes contact with the rotor, it causes the brake pad and rotor to vibrate. This is “ground zero” for all brake noise. If the vibration is transmitted through the brake pad’s backing plate and into the caliper and bracket, this could generate noise the driver could hear if the frequency is between 20- and 20,000-Hz.

How Education And Equipment Can Help Manage Your Car Quota

Every day while driving to work, I’ll pass numerous shops that seem to have the same cars sitting in front of their bays day after day. They move them around a bit, you know, kind of like shuffling chess pieces or something, but they never seem to leave.

Vehicle Noise Diagnostics

What’s your vehicle trying to tell you when it clicks, clunks or grinds? Translating these common car noises is key for automotive technicians who are trained to identify problems via sound. The important thing to remember is to be specific.

Electrical Vehicle Diagnostics
Fuel Pump Diagnostics: Using Scan Tools

The most common diagnostic procedures for fuel pumps in the past were analog and hands on. Most fuel pump-related problems could be solved with a pressure gauge and voltmeter. Today, the scan tool is the most important tool when diagnosing a fuel supply problem.

Variable Valve Timing

One of the ways automakers squeeze more horsepower and torque from an engine is by adding variable valve timing (VVT) to the valvetrain. A conventional camshaft has fixed valve lift, duration and timing; so, the grind is always a compromise between fuel economy, performance and emissions. But with VVT, duration, valve overlap and timing can be changed on the go to optimize engine performance at different RPM, loads and operating conditions.

variable valve timing featured