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Shops should use a TPMS tool that can reset the sensor positions after rotation. There is a method in the owner’s manual to “match” the sensors that involves deflating a tire for eight seconds. On vehicles without a driver information center, you will know you have a code set if you turn the key on, without starting the engine, and the TPMS light blinks for one minute and then stays on solid. If that occurs, a TPMS system problem exists and the system will have set a DTC.

Saturn Tech Tip: Vehicle Fails Emissions Tests

State emissions tests need to be done, but when a vehicle does not pass the test the first time, where do you look? This Real Fix provides multiple diagnostic procedures that could lead you to the fault. Kiss that ugly engine coolant temperature sensor wiring harness damage goodbye and ensure that the Saturn passes the emissions test with flying colors.

GF-6 Oil Specification: What It Means For Your Shop

The Obama Administration finalized fuel economy standards in 2012 designed to increase fuel efficiency standards to 54.5 mpg for passenger cars and light-truck applications by 2025. This push for greater efficiency, reduced greenhouse gas emissions and better energy security set in motion the need for an improved motor oil capable of superior lubricant performance. The proposed International Lubricants Standardization and Approval Committee (ILSAC) GF-6 specification would answer the industry’s need for this more robust motor oil.

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Lifetime Warranties: The Woes Of Discount Parts

There are warranties, and then there are lifetime warranties. Some people won’t buy anything unless it has a substantial warranty attached to it. My dad was one of those guys. It didn’t matter what it was as long as he could get a warranty with it, and he would be as proud as a peacock whenever he got the chance to take advantage of it.

Chevrolet Citation X-11: Remembering A Chevy Classic

The Chevrolet Citation was the replacement for the Nova and Monza in 1980. By the numbers, the car was about 800 lbs. lighter and had much better fuel economy, but it did have some teething problems with the rear drum brakes. For 1981, Chevrolet decided to make a performance model called the X-11.

Toyota Prius: Check Hybrid System Light On

It may be difficult to diagnose a vehicle that has components you aren’t familiar with. This Tech Tip will show you the ropes by guiding you through a diagnosis on the Prius. Hopefully your repair is as simple as this Real Fix and the loose DC/DC connector is the only issue.

Mercury Tech Tip: Air Conditioner Blows Warm Air

This 1999 Mercury Mountaineer had its door motor and heater door replaced, but the air conditioner still blows warm. Here’s what else it could be.

When Over-Voltages Electrocute PCMs

During the past nine months, I’ve had three instances of powertrain control module (PCM) failures on Jeep Wrangler vehicles that were evidently caused by an over-voltage condition. The first case involved an owner who requested that a local shop replace the fuel pump because his ’98 Wrangler was slow-starting in the morning.

BMW Tech Tip: Poor Performance, Noise From Turbocharger

The customer complains of loss of performance and turbocharger noise. The turbocharger oil supply may be restricted, causing oil starvation and resulting in the seizing of the turbocharger assembly.

Ford Focus Tech Tip: Inaccurate Fuel Gauge Or Distance-To-Empty Indication

Some 2012-2014 Focus vehicles may exhibit inaccurate fuel gauge indication and/or inaccurate distance-to-empty notices. The vehicle may also exhibit an illuminated malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) with diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) P0420, P1450, P0443, P0452, P0456, P0460 and/or P2196.

Chevy Silverado: Anti-Theft Light On, Engine Starts and Stalls

As technicians, we dream that all components can be diagnosed as fast as possible. More complicated faults can take hours to discover, but with some help, you can shorten the overall repair time.