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Improving Handling with Shock, Strut and Other Upgrades

Handling means different things to different types of drivers. To most people, a vehicle that handles well is stable and predictable. In other words, there are no surprises and the suspension meets the driver’s expectations for normal everyday driving. Whether the stock suspension and shocks are up to the task depends on the vehicle, how

Increasing Summer Profits with A/C Work

Warm weather is just around the corner in many parts of the country, so it’s not too soon to start thinking about ways you can promote A/C service work and boost your profits this summer. More than 90% of new vehicles are now factory-equipped with air conditioning, and more than 80 percent of the cars

Performing a Pre-Alignment Inspection: Step-by-Step, Brake & Front End

Rack on the floor Secure vehicle on rack. Leave transmission in park or 1st gear on manual transmission cars. Level and lock steering wheel with a holder. Perform a simple bounce test. Check for excessive bounce and noise. Underhood inspection Check engine mounts and struts by rocking the vehicle fore and aft. Inspecting these items

A/C Update

The Mobile Air Conditioning Society (MACS) 25th Anniversary Convention and Trade Show is a great event for shop owners and technicians to learn about the latest trends in air conditioning technology and to see the latest A/C service products and equipment. This year’s show was held in Las Vegas February 1-3. One question that came

Creating the Right Alignment: Performing a Custom Alignment

Customer satisfaction. That’s the one thing you always want to achieve when you align a customer’s vehicle. Satisfied usually means no steering pull, no steering wander, no steering shimmy, no off-center steering wheel – and no comebacks! An alignment provides other benefits, too, such as reduced rolling resistance (which helps fuel economy) and reduced tire

Understanding Seals

It has been a long drive to the lake. The driver carefully backs the trailer down the boat ramp. As the axles hit the water, the hot wheel bearing hubs hit the water. As the bearings’ heat is quenched by the lake water on the outside of the hub, the rapidly contracting air and lubricants

Volkswagen New Beetle Maintenance Essentials

The New Beetle has been around for several years now, and except for the classic shape, it’s not the Beetle of old. Unlike its ancestor, this New Beetle is conventional, modern and sophisticated. It has all of the bells and whistles of other current models, the performance and handling of a conventional front-wheel-drive car, and

Ball Joints & Bushings: Worn Components Take Their Toll on Advanced Suspension Technologies

Too often, shop owners and technicians alike assume that suspension systems haven’t changed much in the past 20 years. In reality, nothing could be farther from the truth because today’s import vehicle may incorporate a number of technologies that can be affected by worn steering and suspension components. To illustrate, we’re beginning to see electronic

Now is the Time to Gear Up for MACS Convention

The Mobile Air Conditioning Society (MACS) Worldwide, which will hold its 25th Anniversary Convention and Trade Show February 1-3 at the Las Vegas Hilton, is taking steps to protect its trade show exhibitors and the mobile A/C and engine cooling industry against counterfeiting and trademark infringement. As part of its new policy, MACS is asking