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The Forgotten Fourth Pedal…Or…The Seldom-Used Stick

On some vehicles it is the forgotten fourth pedal. The emergency or parking brake is a critical component of the brake systems that should not be ignored. Though most motorists seldom use their parking brakes, it is a required safety device and must work properly when called upon to keep a vehicle stationary. The main

Brake Tech Update: Uncovering Brake Fluid Leaks on Acura Integras

The brake fluid level on 1994 Integras may be low in the ABS reservoir, and fluid may appear to be leaking from under the label on the ABS accumulator. The likely cause is that the ABS accumulator internal O-ring is damaged, allowing brake fluid to leak out. Diagnosis: Remove the label from the ABS accumulator.

Brake System Service: Eliminating Noise and Vibration Problems

Brake noise and vibration are two things few people will tolerate for very long ‹ especially owners of high-performance European sports cars and luxury sedans that are renowned for their eye-popping stopping power. People who spend upward of $30,000 or more for an upscale Asian or European nameplate usually expect their brakes to be quiet.

Oil Pumps & the Engine’s Lubrication System

p can restore gear-to-gear clearances but not gear-to-housing clearances. The end plate that covers the pump often develops a heavy wear pattern that is most noticeable on the outlet gear side. Regrinding the face of the plate smooth can restore end play tolerances between the plate and gears but it can’t compensate for wear inside

Friction Material Selection

Because today’s lighter and more friction-efficient disc brakes have become very sensitive to differences in friction materials, the issue of selecting a quality brake pad is becoming increasingly relevant to the quality-conscious installer. To illustrate, aftermarket manufacturers of high-performance disc brakes offer literally dozens of racing pads that are qualitatively equal, but vary widely in

Always Inspect Hardware During Brake Repairs

Though it isn’t required, many brake experts recommend replacing the drum hardware when the brakes are relined to restore the brakes to like-new condition. But often the hardware isn’t replaced because it doesn’t seem necessary. Unless the hardware is badly corroded or shows obvious signs of stress, like severe heat discoloration or other visible damage,

Volkswagen New Beetle Maintenance Essentials

The New Beetle has been around for several years now, and except for the classic shape, it’s not the Beetle of old. Unlike its ancestor, this New Beetle is conventional, modern and sophisticated. It has all of the bells and whistles of other current models, the performance and handling of a conventional front-wheel-drive car, and

Driveability Series: Ford Water Pumps

An owner of a Ford vehicle is at your shop to have an oil and filter change. During the service, you notice a little coolant is leaking from the vehicle’s water pump. So, do you replace the pump or is a little coolant dripping normal? Well, the answer depends on how much coolant the pump