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Perspectives: Are You ASE Certified?

We congratulate the top scorers on the ASE certification tests for their understanding of the need to promote professionalism in our industry and their daily commitment to highest-quality repairs.

Publisher’s Perspective: Are You ASE Certified?

On the surface, that’s a simple yes-or-no question. But, it’s actually a bit of a loaded question. Earning ASE certification involves answering correctly enough questions to get a passing score, and this is certainly not a simple task.

Perspectives: 10+ Reasons to be Optimistic about the Aftermarket

While the headlines in the business section of your favorite news source are rarely uplifting and your service business is fluctuating from hot to cold on a daily and weekly basis, there is still an abundance of positive data to give you reason to be optimistic about the automotive aftermarket industry and your service and repair business.

Perspectives: How’s Business – Increased Bay Activity Reported in Summer Months

The latest report through July shows that business has been pretty good during May, June and July after hitting the lowest point of the year in April.

Publisher’s Perspective: How’s Business? Get Ready for a Roller Coaster Ride

It looks like business might be similar to a roller coaster ride dependent on which direction gas prices are headed. Are you seeing swings in maintenance work that are inversely related to the price of gas?

Perspectives: A New Approach to the Oil Change

Jiffy Lube, which helped establish the fast-lube category more than 30 years ago, is officially introducing a new approach to oil changes.

Perspectives: How’s Business? Gas Prices Aren’t Helping

With the topic of high gasoline prices on everyone’s mind, shop owners have a unique opportunity to help maintain their customers’ vehicles for peak performance and the resulting improved gas mileage.

Publisher’s Perspective: How’s Business? Gas Prices Aren’t Helping

Higher gas prices and the weather set the tone for business in April. How was business at your shop?

Perspectives: How’s Business in 2011?

According to Northcoast Research, the shops in its survey sample experienced a slowdown in business for March, as compared to a very strong February, but were still slightly ahead of March 2010.

Perspectives: Great Ideas to Improve Customer Loyalty

Recently, we asked readers in their own words about ways a shop owner can improve customer loyalty to the shop. Honesty was mentioned by at least half of the respondents.

Publisher’s Perspective: Great Ideas To Improve Customer Loyalty

I’m sure that most of you have received a survey from us at some point in time. We appreciate you sharing your views, opinions and experiences with us. The information that is captured from these questionnaires is very valuable to the editors, advertisers and other readers who work at shops like yours. We asked readers

Perspectives: Relationship Advice

Your customers have a lot of choices for maintenance and repairs so you need to work at enhancing the service relationship.