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Tech Tip: Fixing The Honda Accord, CR-V Rattle At Start Up

If a Honda, including the 2008-2012 Accord, 2012-2013 CR-V, and 2012-2013 Crosstour, has a pronounced rattling noise emanating from the engine during cold start-up, persisting for approximately two seconds, then this symptom is typically indicative of a defective Variable Valve Timing Control (VTC) actuator, as outlined in Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) 09-010.  The corrective action

Timing Chains In Hyundai Engines

Although Hyundai uses a single timing belt on its 2.7L V6 engines, its 3.3L, double-overhead camshaft engine is equipped with one timing chain for each camshaft and one drive chain for the oil pump. At first glance, a timing chain design allows engineers to shorten the overall length of the engine and reduce rotating friction.

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Timing Chain Wear: Why Oil Quality Matters

Without proper timing of internal engine components, the engine will suffer a catastrophic failure. This is what happens when a timing chain or belt breaks.

Timing Chain Replacement Diagnosis And Repair

Often maintenance neglect, head gasket replacement or related valvetrain issues will require the timing chain to be serviced. If you are replacing the timing chain, you need to look at all the related components. Keep reading for timing chain replacement best practices.