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Vehicles today with telematics collect 256 GB of data per hour. That’s equivalent to the power of roughly 30 computers.

How Can You Incorporate A Telematics Strategy Today?

Everywhere you look today – whether it’s online, in trade publications or notices from trade associations – you hear about telematics.

Like It Or Not: Vehicle Manufacturers Have Your Data

You probably know your phone, computer and other devices are constantly collecting your data. Did you know your vehicle does this, too?

Technology Corner: Artificial Intelligence

What is Artificial Intelligence? Simply put, it is the development of computer systems able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition and decision-making.

Embracing ADAS!

Are you afraid of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)? A hot topic at recent training events and online forums, much of the hysteria regarding ADAS is driven by news stories about new vehicles that are able to drive on freeways on their own, or a horror story about a Tesla crashing into something on the highway. But, the current reality of ADAS at the shop level is quite different.

VIDEO: Can Wiper Performance Interfere With Lane Departure?

Andrew Markel shows why streak-free wiper blades and a clean windshield are essential to the operation of such advanced safety systems as the lane departure warning. Sponsored by Nissan.

How Telematics is Changing and How it Will Change Your Business

Telematics has created a lot of anxiety and skepticism for shops. Some of it is justified, while some is due to not seeing the opportunity. Telematics is very simple when you view it as a tool to connect the customer to their vehicle and your shop.

AAPEX 2017 To Host Technology And Telematics Forum V5.0

The forum, which is part of the 2017 AAPEXedu program, will show attendees how to protect their businesses, customers, employees and life from cyber attacks.

Verizon Expands Hum Lineup; Aims To Make Driving Safer, Smarter And More Connected

Hum customers can now choose between three options, including the premium HumX service, which includes a brand-new Wi-Fi hot spot capability, premium hardware and a new mobile app.

Right To Repair In The Aftermarket: Whose Responsibility Is It?

Today, aftermarket associations, carmaker associations, parts manufacturers and suppliers are working together to solve a myriad of complex issues with the original core issue hanging over their head: money.

right to repair featured
Fencing In Vehicle Networks: Discussing Cybersecurity Best Practices On The Horizon

Shortly, you will see cars in your bays that have the ability to communicate with one another. These cars are already on the street, and can facilitate driver access to potentially dangerous networks.

Technology Takes Center Stage At AAPEX 2016

More than 40 AAPEXedu sessions were held, including the new “Let’s Tech” presentations, which were delivered in 20 minutes or less on emerging vehicle technologies and the latest diagnostic smartphone apps.