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Back Pressure Testing Tip Clip

In this excerpt from the A8 ASE test prep program, Instructor Dave Hobbs discusses some tips and tricks regarding various ways to perform a back pressure test. He also talks about how to make your own tool for this purpose and tells you what to look out for on the ASE A8 exam regarding back pressure related questions.< /br>< /br>This clip is an excerpt from the 420 minute comprehensive “A8 Test Prep Program” with Dave Hobbs, available from Automotive Video.

Tip Clip: Basic Component Test Trouble Codes Using Tech 2

What we’re focusing on here is, you just did an engine job, or maybe you replaced the transmission, cylinder head job. You’ve had a significant portion of the vehicle disconnected underneath the hood. And you want to know, does everything have integrity? So in this particular case study, we’re going to go look to see if there are any trouble codes. We’ve done some work on the engine. We’ve had some things taken apart underneath the hood, and we want to use the scan tool make sure that the basic component test portion has passed. So let’s take a look at that.

This clip is an excerpt from the 135 minute comprehensive “Using Your Tech 2” with Bob Pattengale, available from Automotive Video.

Tip Clip: Powerstroke Turbo Chargers Case Study

In this case study from the 6.4 Powerstroke Diesel class, trainer Wally Mouradain discusses a turbo problem on a truck with a 2008 6.4 Powerstroke and how technicians should never overlook the simple or mechanical related failures the scan tool may never pick up.

This clip is an excerpt from the 150 minute comprehensive “Ford Powerstroke Diagnostics” with Wally Mouradain, available from Automotive Video.

CAN Data: Class-2 Loop Configuration Tip

Check out this technical tip clip on CAN Data with Dave Hobbs. In this clip Dave talks about Class 2 layouts, specifically the ‘loop configuration’ systems. He breaks down the layout of theses systems in an easy to understand manner and talks about how the modules communicate on this type of system as well as how they are electrically wired.

This clip is an excerpt from the 240 minute comprehensive “F.R.E.D Kicks The Can” with Dave Hobbs, available from Automotive Video.

Tricks for A/C Compressor Solenoid Testing

So you don’t have an electronic control valves testing unit like the MT 1400 for testing AC solenoids while in operation? Well in this tip clip from the MACS Quick Hits AC Service class, trainer Paul DeGuiseppi gives you some helpful tips and pointers.

“MACS Quick A/C Hits” with Paul DiGueseppi, available from Automotive Video.

MACS Tip: 2004 Chrysler Pacifica Control Head Replacement Case Study

In this case study–an excerpt from the MACS Quick Hits training video–Paul DeGuiseppi talks about a 2004 Chrysler Pacifica with a blend mode issue diagnosed to be a problem with the control head. The vehicle ended up being a comeback with the customer complaining about the same issue. Paul goes on to talk about how important the ability to diagnose electrical and electronic issues has become in HVAC repair and service.

“MACS A/C Quick Hits” with Paul DeGuiseppi, available from Automotive Video.

A4 Power Steering Fluid Check & Maintenance Tip Clip

Watch this tip clip excerpt from the A4 Steering and Suspension ASE Test prep course presented by Dave Hobbs. Dave talks about proper testing and maintenance of power steering fluid and related components–showing examples and highlighting the things you should know both as a technician and to pass the ASE A4 certification test.

This tip clip is an excerpt from“The Complete A4 Test Prep”with Dave Hobbs

Gen X & Y Advertising Strategy Tip Clip

Bill Haas outlines how to develop an advertising strategy for Generation Y in this tip clip from Marketing to Generation X & Y. Bill tells you what media works best to reach Generation Y and why traditional media doesn’t successfully reach them as it did previous generations.

This clip is an excerpt from“Marketing to Generation X&Y”with Bill Haas

A4 Alignment Basics Tire Wear Tip Clip

In this short video clip from the A4 Suspension and Steering class, Delphi instructor Dave Hobbs discusses and shows some basic tips and knowledge to help you better diagnose alignment issues based on tire wear helping you more quickly and accurately use the alignment machine to put everything in spec.

This is an excerpt from“The Complete A4 Test Prep Program”with Dave Hobbs

Tip Clip: GM Equinox

Check out this tip clip video from instructor Bill Fulton’s class on Gasoline Direct Injection to learn more about GDI systems and components. He shows us around under the hood of a GM Equinox and talks about each of the components while pointing out service and safety procedures.

This tip clip is an excerpt from“Gasoline Direct Injection”with Bill Fulton

Diagnosing Stubborn Parasitic Battery Drains

Parasitic drains can be measured with ammeters with the battery cable. Now the problem with taking the battery cable off to install the ammeter is that, sometimes electronic modules are the source of the parasitic draw. In this video, instructor Dave Hobbs talks about some other tricks for diagnosing these problems. He talks about the class two message monitor– a feature available on the Tech Two and also the Master Tech– which tells which module’s active and which module is inactive. He also goes on to cover using a parasitic draw tool in order not to disrupt the circuit while using an ammeter. Watch and learn how to use the class two message monitor or a simple knife switch for some neat tricks in diagnosing some stubborn, hard to find, parasitic battery drains.

This clip is an excerpt from the 210 minute comprehensive “A6 Test Prep Program” with Dave Hobbs, available from Automotive Video.

Alternative Tests for Mass Air Flow Sensors (MAF)

In this excerpt from Dave Scaler’s complete training program ‘Top 10 OBD II Codes: How to Fix Them Fast,’ Dave discusses alternative tests for mass air flow sensors (MAF). He talks about how to use your scan tool in order to check several different things to determine the state of the MAF.

This clip is an excerpt from the 150 minute comprehensive “Top 10 OBDII Codes” training program with Dave Scaler, available from Automotive Video.