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Goodyear Ventures Invests In Autonomous Delivery Provider

Goodyear’s venture capital arm has added Starship Technologies to its investment portfolio.

Auburn University Building New Autonomous Vehicle Research Lab

Facility will be one of the few in the nation attached to a test track.

Virtual Test-Drives Expedite Autonomous Vehicle Platform Certification

While most people are intuitively cautious about new technology, others ask it to do things it was never intended to do. For example, Tesla drivers using the poorly named autopilot have learned a few lessons in asking a system that’s designed to assist – to be the driver.

DENSO To Demonstrate Latest Connected And Autonomous Vehicle Innovations At CES 2018

Simulators at DENSO’s CES booth will show how core connected and automated drive technologies provide safer, more comfortable and convenient mobility.

Fencing In Vehicle Networks: Discussing Cybersecurity Best Practices On The Horizon

Shortly, you will see cars in your bays that have the ability to communicate with one another. These cars are already on the street, and can facilitate driver access to potentially dangerous networks.

Auto Safety Advocates Tell Obama To Stop Rush To Get Self-Driving Cars On The Road

These groups also said the administration’s autonomous vehicle “guidance,” which is expected next week, should not be issued.