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Ultimate Underhood: Economy Runs

The Mobil Oil Economy Run was a real world fuel efficiency test before fuel efficiency numbers were posted on window stickers. The event ran for 32 years until it was abruptly canceled in 1968.

Lexus: Notchy Steering Wheel at Highway Speeds

Some Lexus vehicles may exhibit an intermittent non-binding notchy steering feel and/or the steering wheel will not smoothly self-center when driving at highway speeds. This condition may occur when changing lanes or when coming out of long, sweeping turns at highway speeds.

Stretch Belts: Using The Right Tools

Stretching the belt may seem counterintuitive after everything you have been told about serpentine belts. But stretching the belt with the right tools is often the only way stretch belts can be installed.

Jeep Tech Tip: 4WD Light On, DTC C140F Set

Customers may indicate that the “Service 4WD” indicator in the instrument cluster is illuminated. They may also indicate that the transfer case will not shift from 4WD High, 4WD Low, and/or Neutral once the lamp is illuminated. Further investigation identifies that a Diagnostic Trouble Code C140F is stored or active in the Final Drive Control Modules (FDCM) memory.

Shop Regulation: Operation Torque Wrench

This month, the state of Michigan cracked down on nine unlicensed shops. The PR stunt was called “Operation Torque Wrench” by Secretary of State Ruth Johnson. This is kind of ironic, because most unlicensed shops and mechanics do not use torque wrenches.