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Carley’s Corner: Which Is Better, a Diesel or a Hybrid?

I received a call the other day from someone who wanted to know if I thought they should buy a Toyota Prius hybrid or a diesel-powered VW. Which is best? I said drive both cars, then buy the one you like the best. Hybrids and diesels are getting a lot of buzz these days as

Carley’s Corner: Hybrid Hazards

Is E85 motor fuel a corny way to reduce American’s dependence on foreign oil? E85 is being touted as an eco-friendly, alternative fuel that can provide a home-grown solution to reducing our need for imported oil. E85 is a mixture of 85% ethanol alcohol and 15% gasoline. The alcohol is made primarily from corn, but

KYB to Supply Shocks for Hybrid Vehicles

With growing concern about the environment, and vehicle manufacturers under increasing pressure to develop vehicles for tomorrow’s world, a number of vehicles using hybrid technology have recently been launched around the globe. These include the Honda Civic, the Lexus RX330h, as well as Toyota’s Prius, Previa and Camry models, all of which are equipped with KYB shock absorbers as original equipment.

Toyota’s ‘Hybrid’ Super Bowl Ad Sneak Peek Now Available on Toyota.com and Toyota.com/Espanol

While some companies are waiting until Sunday to debut their Super Bowl ads, Toyota is offering consumers a sneak peek of its entire Super Bowl commercial on Toyota.com and Toyota.com/espanol. The ad also is available as an iPod download.

Publisher’s Perspective, Competition for Tomorrow’s Technician Intensifies

Here’s the headline in my local paper, “Construction skills in high demand. Industry intensifies recruiting of high schoolers.” The article goes on to say that many trade groups and employers are actively recruiting high school students to fill the growing need for plumbers, bricklayers, drywallers and other traditional trades. But it should be no surprise

CARQUEST Technical Institute to Offer Hybrid Courses

CARQUEST Technical Institute (CTI) recently released the first in a series of hybrid courses, HYB-100 Hybrid Generic Service, available through your local CARQUEST Auto Parts store. Hybrid technologies have rapidly become the fastest growing segment of the automotive and light truck market.

Is Your Shop Safe From Computer Viruses?

If you’re not sure, your PC may need a little TLC, starting with antivirus software updates

Tech Tips: Safety Issues for Servicing Hybrid Vehicles

The hybrid concept of combining an internal combustion engine with an electric motor and electric power supply is becoming more popular as vehicle manufacturers look to reduce emissions and fuel consumption in vehicles. Consumer interest in these vehicles has been favorable, which is why you can expect to see more of these types of vehicles