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Engine Tuning & Chassis Upgrades

When car manufacturers come out with a new engine design, some car enthusiasts eye the new technology from a perspective of how to squeeze more performance out of it. The smaller displacement engines that are turbocharged or supercharged tend to be the most likely chosen because of their power-to-weight ratio. When Saab introduced a turbocharged

Timing Belt Replacement: Tried and True Repair Method Works Every Time

and below the intake manifold. When this unit fails, it tends to look like the head gaskets are blown. The oil mixes with the coolant and so on, leading to catastrophic engine bearing failure. Saab recommends flushing the cooling system with Shout, a cleaning agent found in many stores. Saab also recommends changing the timing

Brake & Suspension System Service

Brake and suspension repairs are the best type of routine maintenance repairs that coincide with major service intervals. Brake and suspension components that are in need of replacement could represent a significant profit center for shops when technicians take the time to perform complete chassis inspections. Worn suspension and brake components, as well as a

Internal Engine Repairs: Begin with Diagnosing Engine Failure Culprits

Saab engine technology has evolved through the years, but the same basic design of the original B202 engine is still used in today’s Saabs. When the 16-valve 2.0L engine (B202) was developed in 1984, I was one of 10 people chosen from the East Coast area by Saab in the United States to attend a

Volvo Service And Driveability: Ways to Simplify Repairs and Promote Maintenance

Keeping a record of scheduled maintenance and service repairs is probably the best selling feature when the time comes to trade or sell a vehicle. You know the type: They baby their car, and their friends and family want first dibs when they decide to sell it. In most cases, that level of upkeep is

Saab 5-Speed Tranny and Clutch Repair

When Saab first introduced the 9000-model lineup in 1986, the gearbox was mounted transversely in the car. It was designed in this way for effective cooling and to provide the shortest possible path for the power flow to the wheels. All Saab transmissions have five forward speeds and reverse – all of which are synchronized.

Ending a Volvo Head Gasket Leak

Volvo engines have always been noted for their durability and long-term, trouble-free operation. But just like any internal combustion engine, they could develop head gasket problems that stem from owner neglect or the engine design. This article will detail the diagnostic process and procedures for replacing the head gasket in the most common Volvo engine

Servicing Volvo Climate Control Systems

Volvos built for the U.S. are equipped with a climate control system that comes standard in most models. The climate control system contains a function selector dial, driver and passenger temperature dials, a recirculated air switch, A/C on and off switch and a fan speed (blower motor) control switch (See photo 1). The heater-A/C blower

Rev Up Volvo Performance

When any engine swap is done using a larger displacement engine, you have to look at the big picture. Everything around it must be addressed to handle the added horsepower. This includes the braking system, front and rear suspension, and the structure of the frame. When I did my first Volvo V8 engine swap, it