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VIDEO: When Oil Level Sensors Fail

Jason Stahl tells us how oil level sensors work as well as the conditions under which they can fail. Sponsored by Standard.

oil level sensot fail video featured
VIDEO: Diagnosing Fuel System Leaks In GDI Systems

Jason Stahl discusses gasoline direct injection systems, and ways to prevent leaks in the system after a fuel pump or injector have been replaced. Sponsored by Standard.

VIDEO: Resetting Throttle-By-Wire

Jason Stahl discusses the best and safest way to reset a throttle-by-wire system. Sponsored by Standard.

VIDEO: Check Tensioner Health By ‘Minding The Gap’

Andrew Markel goes over tips to visually inspect a belt tensioner, including how to tell if the belt is running uneven. Sponsored by Litens.

VIDEO: Oil Filters On Chrysler MultiAir Vehicles

Andrew Markel discusses the MultiAir engine in Chrysler vehicles and how the choice of a quality oil filter can prevent a comeback. Sponsored by MAHLE.

VIDEO: VVT: How Oil Is Like Electricity

Andrew Markel discusses the variable valve timing system, and how the behavior of oil in the system is a lot like voltage passing through a component or module. Sponsored by MAHLE.

VIDEO: The Best (And Worst) Ways To Install A Decoupler Pulley

Andrew Markel discusses several installation and removal processes for decoupler pulleys, including which will produce the most reliable results. Sponsored by Litens.

WATCH: Can A Dirty Or Damaged Air Filter Cause Rough Transmission Shifts?

Yes, it can! In this Maintenance Minute, Andrew Markel talks about how and why rough transmission shifts can be caused by the air filter and what some of the likely culprits are. (Brought to you by MAHLE)

VIDEO: Idle Quality On Kia Vehicles

Andrew Markel discusses a recent TSB about idle quality on the Kia Sorento, and how the problem was solved at the alternator level. Sponsored by Litens.

VIDEO: What Happens When You Install A Cabin Air Filter Backwards?

In this Maintenance Minute, Andrew Markel talks about the results of installing a cabin air filter backwards, and how installing it properly can save you and your customer lots of headaches later. This video is brought to you by MAHLE.

VIDEO: Steering Vibration Or Moan On Honda Vehicles

Andrew Markel discusses steering noise, and the repair necessary to correct the noise and vibration conditions. Sponsored by Litens.

VIDEO: Steering Lead-Pull Diagnostics

Andrew Markel discusses the definition of a lead-pull condition, its potential causes, and fixes to get the vehicle driving straight again. Sponsored by Nissan.