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GM Tech Tip: Service ABS / TCS / Power Steering, Suspension Message

Monitor the voltage on the communication enable circuit 5986 at any of the modules affected.

VIDEO: Signs Of A Power Steering Leak

Andrew Markel discusses power steering leaks, where to look for their telltale signs, and solutions to stop any further damage. Sponsored by Bar’s Leaks.

Power Steering: To Flush Or Not To Flush

Whenever a technician is performing a repair on a power steering system component, the question is always whether there is a need to flush the entire system. It takes a bit longer and costs a few dollars, but a thorough flush of the power steering system is key to a successful repair.

AAE Power Steering Pump
VIDEO: When A Power Steering Pump Explodes

If a power steering pump self-destructs, every particle needs to be retrieved from the system to prevent further damage to other components. Andrew Markel explains. Sponsored by Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper.

Diagnosing Power Steering Loss on a 2008 Ford Escape

The vehicle in question is a 2008 Ford Escape with a 3.0-L engine. The customer complaints are as follows: The steering wheel will turn by itself; at times, usually when turning, the vehicle will lose all power steering assist; and occasionally, while turning, the vehicle’s steering seems shaky. The 2008 and newer Escape models use

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