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VIDEO: Relearning and Recalibrating Common Systems

Andrew Markel shows how a few common systems on late model vehicles can be relearned or recalibrated. Sponsored by ProDemand from Mitchell1.

recalibrating common systems video featured
Why Oil Filters Matter To Extended Oil Change Intervals

With oil life indicators pushing the average oil change past the 6,000-mile mark, it is not just the quality of the oil that’s improved, it is the quality of the filter, as well. Neglected oil change intervals can ruin the best engine oils and filters. As engine oil and the filter accumulate miles, they become contaminated with carbon, water and various acids, all of which are a byproduct of internal combustion that will form a film of black, gooey sludge on the interior parts of the engine.

Replacement of the oil filter. New and old dirty filter