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Water Pump Replacement: Nissan VQ-35 Series

At the top of the list of the most difficult water pumps to ­replace are those found in the Nissan VQ-Series V6 engines. The pump is turned by the timing chain and is nestled in the engine block. This can make for a very difficult job no matter if the engine is mounted transversely or longitudinally.

Deposit Control Additives And Bad Gas

A buildup of carbon deposits inside the combustion chamber increases the risk of hot spots forming that may cause engine-damaging preignition. The hot spot ignites the fuel before the spark plug fires, causing a sharp rise in combustion pressure. Under extreme conditions (high rpm and load), preignition can burn a hole right through the top of a piston.

Honda Fit Tech Tip: HVAC Blower Motor Works Only On High Speed

The HVAC blower motor on some Honda Fit vehicles may work only on high speed. This may be the result of excessive current draw from the HVAC blower motor which causes the blower resistor to fail.

Ford Focus: Wet Carpet On Passenger Side

Some 2012-2013 Focus vehicles built on or before 11/12/2012 may exhibit wet carpet on the passenger-side front foot well. This is likely due to leaking climate control condensate.

Power Window Regulator And Motor Service

Power windows are great as long as they roll up and down when commanded to do so. But sometimes a window may quit working for one reason or another. Sometimes the fault is electrical, such as a bad power window switch, a blown fuse, a bad relay or a loose or damaged wire. Other times, the fault is a bad window motor or a broken part in the window regulator mechanism that actually raises and lowers the glass.

Oil Bath Air Filters

Long before people started using cotton gauze air filters soaked in oil, the oil bath air filter was the dominant filter on the market. The filter removes debris in the air by running it over oil and a mesh element. These filters worked great when most roads were dirt, but they could be messy to clean.

BMW Tech Tip: K-CAN Wiring Shorted In Various Locations

Various functions in the vehicle are not operating. This includes instruments, door locks, wipers and other body electrical functions. This can also be accompanied by instrument cluster warning lamps, including the check control message “Electronic Malfunction.”

Honda TPMS Service

Honda TPMS can be one of the more difficult systems to program in new sensors, relearns and calibrations. But once you know the basics, it is easy to service these vehicles.

Subaru Pulse-Width Modulated Fuel Pumps

I think it might have been a 2003 Subaru WRX, but it was parked in front of my local Subaru specialist’s shop after going on its fourth fuel pump replacement from other shops in less than six months. Both the Subaru specialist and I agreed that fuel pump failures on Subarus were relatively rare, so the previous repair shops had obviously overlooked some very important details.

Don’t Let “Not Me” Ruin Your Shop

In the newspaper comics section, there is a strip called Family Circus. Either you hate the strip for its sappiness and blunt humor that cuts like a dull butter knife, or you love it for its simple wit. Either way, you probably will wind up reading the strip out of spite or curiosity – it is like gawking at a car crash.

Selling More Fan Clutches

We all know trying to convince a customer to purchase that tricky second part is challenging at best. I’ll bet trying to get consumers to buy coolant along with a water pump is difficult enough, much less attempting to get them to buy another mechanical part that they may not have heard of or even noticed.

2013 Ford: No Radio, No A/C, Airbag Light On

How many times have you been working on the computer when it suddenly locks up? Not one single key or command works, and the more you click, the less it responds. The only thing left to do is hold down those three magic keys, “Ctrl-Alt-Del,” or shut the whole thing off and restart the computer. Chances are you’ll have lost whatever it was you were working on.

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