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Window Regulator Servicing Tips

Understand these eight tips to help you better understand how to repair window regulators.


Understand these eight tips to help you better understand how to repair window regulators.

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1. When you are resetting the positions for the express-up and express-down feature, close the door. It may not say it directly in the service information, but in many cases for the door module may require it.

2. Service the weather stripping and felts. Often the reason why the original window regulator has failed is that the weather-stripping and felts (sweeps) have failed. These soft parts prevent water from getting into the tracks and door. They also prevent water from gathering between the window and weather stripping. During winter, this can make things very difficult for the window. Replacing these can prevent the new regulator from failing again.

3. Lubricate the tracks. When you are installing a new regulator, clean out the original grease and install new grease. This can prevent binding and stress on the new regulator.

4. Use a torque wrench. Many of the fasteners that hold the arms to the window or the assembly to the door have a torque specification. If not correctly torqued the new regulator can be damaged.

5. Vapor barrier removal: Removing the plastic barrier without tearing it can be difficult. Try using a heat gun to soften the adhesive so the vapor barrier can come off easier. Not replacing the barrier can lead unwanted noise.


6. Painter’s tape is the best tape. Blue painter’s tape works the best to keep a window up because it does not leave behind residue. But, you are better off purchasing purpose made suction cups to hold the window up.

7. Tint troubles: Thick window tinting film can cause extra stress on the motor and window regulator components. If the owner has tinting on the windows, make them aware the tinting can cause problems for the new regulator.

8. Check the alignment. Some window regulator assemblies have some room so you can adjust window in the opening. Check the service information or the installation procedures for the final alignment.

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