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WAI Offers Mass Air Flow Sensor Program

WAI offers both a complete assembly and probe only sensors program.


WAI offers a line of mass air flow (MAF) sensors for measuring air flow entering a vehicle’s engine. MAF sensors help maintain optimal vehicle fuel efficiencies in any environment, saving customers money over the long term.

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WAI’s patented flexible microprocessor design features microcontroller base circuitry with high accuracy and response. Digitally calibrated at all OE operation ranges, the circuit design can correct the measurements at all operating temperatures. Designed and manufactured with high-quality materials, robust automotive grade electronic components, dual aluminum wire bonding for optimum connections and vibration resistance, encapsulated with high temperature epoxies and corrosion resistant mounts, said the company.

WAI MAF sensors maintain +/- 5 percent of output over temperatures ranging from -20°C to 70°C. Designed with United States OEM manufacturing equipment, WAI MAF sensors feature the precision required to match OE benchmark calibrations. All MAF products are tested to OEM specifications prior to shipment.


WAI offers both a complete assembly and probe only sensors program. The probe only solution allows for a quicker fix by technicians, lower inventory needs due to consolidation of housings, and reduced inventory space requirements.

“WAI MAF sensors are made of the highest performing parts and are tested to perform under the most extreme environments,” said Andrew Boling, director of product management at WAI. “This not only translates to vehicle fuel efficiency, but to cost-savings to customers.”

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