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VIDEO: Your Employees Really Are Your Best Business Tool

Give them the tools to focus on the important things. This video is sponsored by BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY.

They can be unconventional, temperamental and downright unpredictable but your employees are often the best business tool you have.

Sure, attractive signage, a comfortable waiting room and a handsome shop exterior can go a long way to getting a customer into your shop. But it’s your employees who get them to come back.

It’s undeniable – employees are often a business’ biggest and best asset. They do more than just hang parts – they help build relationships and they can make you a better shop owner. The goal of any owner should be building a team that can operate efficiently and successfully without the need for you to be on-site all the time. It’s great when you’re growing your business and it’s even more important when you’re planning to retire.

A shop that runs flawlessly, independent of your presence, is extremely attractive to a potential buyer. If the shop is only successful as long as you are there, calling all the shots, then you will likely have a difficult time convincing some potential owners to buy you out. The next owner might already have experience running an auto repair shop, but some may not. A shop that comes with an experienced capable team widens the potential buyer’s market to individuals that don’t have that experience.

So, how can you create that strong and independent team?  Begin by training your employees on all aspects of shop operations, ranging from everything in the technician’s repair bay to the advisor’s domain at the front of the shop. Having a collective understanding of the technical and customer service sides of the business adds value by ensuring that information is available to all. When everyone knows how operations connect, they can easily spot inefficiencies or issues much more quickly and fix them.

To ensure that processes are functioning at full capacity, consider putting modern technologies in the hands of your employees. Tablets, kiosks, text message functionality, digital vehicle inspections and more will only enhance what you’re currently knocking out of the park. Or it will correct what you aren’t doing so well.

Consider consulting with a BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY representative about how automotive repair software can help streamline and expedite this process. There are many ways in which a digitized shop can increase value and ease as you look forward to your ultimate retirement goals

Technology helps a business grow not only where the bottom line is concerned but also the talent within it. Giving employees the tools that can streamline their jobs allows them to focus on what’s most important.

Set your shop up for its future without you. By transitioning the shop into a modern digital shop, you’re allowing your business to reach new heights after you’ve taken your leave.

This video is sponsored by BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY.

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