VIDEO: Cooling System Changes In Technology
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VIDEO: Cooling System Changes In Technology



When an engine can control the temperature inside the combustion chamber it can better control the combustion process for more power and efficiency.

To improve cooling systems, OEMs are using five new technologies to improve power and efficiency.  

  1. Electronically Controlled Thermostats: These control the coolant circuit and control sudden surges in temperature.
  2. Electric Water Pumps: The electric water pump does not require a belt and can change speed to control cooling.
  3. Active Grille Shutters: By controlling the flow of air over the radiator, active grille shutters can decrease warm up times and improve aerodynamics.
  4. More Cooling Channels: In the front of a vehicle, there might be separate radiators for the forced air charge coolers and the engine. Also, oil coolers will help to remove heat loads.
  5. Coolant: Long-life coolants designed to last 150,000 miles are becoming more common.  

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