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Use of Federal-Mogul’s Web Catalog Continues to Rise

Federal-Mogul is reporting that its electronic catalog of replacement components and related technical information has become a popular reference tool for aftermarket professionals and consumers.

Federal-Mogul is reporting that its electronic catalog of replacement components and related technical information has become a popular reference tool for aftermarket professionals and consumers. The company says that more than 17 million parts lookups were completed in 2011 through the electronic catalog, which currently averages more than 11,000 unique visitors each day.

The interactive eCatalog includes application and technical reference information covering millions of parts for automotive, commercial vehicle, agricultural, industrial, marine, small-engine and other uses. Visitors can look up and store multiple part numbers for the same job without re-entering search criteria. The catalog’s comprehensive interchange and numerical lookup tools help users identify the correct part even when they don’t have complete application information, according to Federal-Mogul. The site also features Google Translation software to serve the needs of customers who speak Spanish, French or German.

“The breadth and value of this tool is growing every month through the addition of our latest product data as well as practical new features and functionality,” said Brent Berman, manager of e-data and digital marketing, North America, Federal-Mogul. “The ultimate measure of success is customer traffic, and we continue to attract and retain new users every day.”

In addition to product application information, Federal-Mogul points out that the catalog features thousands of detailed product images and illustrations with zoom capability as well as links to related technical training videos and other support materials developed at the Federal-Mogul Technical Education Center in St. Louis. An integrated “Technical Resources” link provides hundreds of tech tips, bulletins and videos as well as lookup tools covering torque, engine and part number specifications. The site also includes interactive calculators for determining capacities and dimensions, engine displacement, horsepower and torque, and compression ratio.

Users who still prefer paper catalog formats can use the site to “flip” through electronic versions of each of Federal-Mogul’s most recent print volumes, according to the company. These digital catalogs are even mounted on a virtual catalog rack that allows the user to view up to two pages at a time as they flip back and forth.

Federal-Mogul brands and product lines covered by the eCatalog include ANCO wipers; Carter fuel delivery products; Champion spark plugs, filters and performance chemicals; Fel-Pro gaskets; FP Diesel engine products; MOOG steering and suspension components; National seals and bearings; Sealed Power engine parts; Speed-Pro performance engine components; Wagner brake products; and Wagner lighting products.

The site is integrated with Federal-Mogul’s new e360 electronic customer information system as well as the company’s brand websites.

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