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Turn Repair Accountability into Service Profitability


Want to inject some new enthusiasm into your business? Showcase your technicians’ diagnostic skills and repair ability? Boost your shop’s bottom line? Set your shop apart from the competition? Elevate your image within the community? Increase your customer service levels?


If you said yes to one or more of these questions, then listen up. With April’s National Car Care Month (NCCM) just around the corner, you can simultaneously accomplish all of the above. Help push the preventive maintenance needle by getting involved at the grassroots level – whether it be a car care fair, special shop promotion, consumer educational event or other NCCM activity. By tying into this national campaign during the peak promotional season, you will help to generate a unified front in the market and reap the benefits of industry collaboration in the process.

Educating consumers about the importance of regular vehicle maintenance should be an on-going effort at your shop. With $62 billion worth of reasons why it’s necessary, unperformed maintenance should be top-of-mind for every service provider in the marketplace. Let’s face it, many of your customers are likely unaware of their vehicle’s timing belt replacement interval, nor do they know how much air should be put in their tires, or realize the effects of tire wear on steering, handling, gas mileage and safety. Some aren’t even sure how often they should change the oil, or get their brakes and exhaust checked.


Raising consumer awareness about the benefits of preventive maintenance – restoring the integrity of critical vehicle systems, increasing vehicle longevity, averting major repairs down the road and safe vehicle operation – provides value to your customers. By completing routine system inspections, providing the necessary repairs, restoring the peak operating condition of their vehicle and preventing system failures before they happen, you’ll earn your customers’ lasting trust and loyalty.

Customers expect vehicle dependability, but lack the responsibility. Whether their excuse is that they don’t have the time, don’t realize the consequences of vehicle neglect or would rather be reactive than proactive when it comes to vehicle repairs, everyone loses. Car care awareness means vehicle preservation, but it also translates into additional service dollars for your shop. The degree to which you educate your customers on the importance and benefits of regular vehicle care will not only determine their level of accountability and service follow-through, but will dictate how large a slice of the unperformed maintenance pie that you get. Seconds anyone?


Log onto www.carcare.org for ideas on how you can make preventive maintenance a priority – for you and your customers.

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